Combine travelling the beautiful Yasawa Islands with  making a difference and volunteering in Fiji. 
Travel the Yasawa Islands and make a difference to the people and communities who call it home. 

The Vinaka Fiji Volunteer Program aims to improve the provision of basic needs and amenities, often taken for granted in modern society, yet missing from village life in the Yasawas. It seeks to do this both through direct aid and by acting as a facilitator, bringing those who can help - companies, government, aid agencies and individuals together with the landowners and residents.

The key areas of focus for Vinaka Fiji are fresh water, nutrition, education, power, marine and environment.

Help to make a difference and combine your travel experience with a Vinaka Fiji Volunteer program:

1)            Education

Schools in the Yasawas are remote, under-resourced and the teacher to student ratio is extremely high. Work with local teachers to help school children develop their sport and play as well as teach extra curricular activities and skills. Vinaka Fiji supports both primary and secondary schools as well as some kindergartens.


2)            Sustainable Communities

Assist in critical areas including securing fresh water, resource management, environmental initiatives, sustainable agriculture practices and assisting in the set up of micro enterprises. This is a highly diverse and rewarding program.

3)            Marine Research and Conservation 

This program involves gathering, collating and submitting important marine data. There is a strong focus on developing a finer appreciation and better management of the sea as a resource for villages. Full training and certification courses are available.


Life on the Job 

All Vinaka Fiji Volunteer programs are based on a Saturday to Saturday week-long stay, with each separate program operating Monday to Friday in the schools and villages. Saturday and Sunday are spent at leisure.   A typical day will begin with an early breakfast around 6:30am followed by a 30 to 60 minute Longboat transfer from the Resort Base to the schools and villages where you'll be working. Lunch is either provided by the village or taken with you from Base, depending on the day's activities. You will generally depart the villages and schools heading for ‘home’ around 3.00pm in the afternoon, in time to have a shower and attend a debriefing on the days achievements and planning for the next day, before you enjoy an evening meal with other volunteers and resort guests from around 7pm.   Saturdays and Sundays are for leisure and the Yasawa's many charms provide a multitude of opportunities to experience Fiji and all its beauty. 

Where you Stay 

Our volunteer base is located at Barefoot Island Lodge.    This resort on Drawaqa Island is in a beautiful location, situated between two beaches. Much of the surrounding waters of the island have been declared a Marine Reserve.    The standard Double/Twin Bures and Dorms (just 4 per room) are set amongst mature trees just back from the beach with a central facilities area for bathrooms. The resort owners have a strong commitment to the environment both on land and in the ocean. Their background is in diving and they have undertaken a lot of research and conservation work in Fiji and Australia. 
  All rooms are serviced daily with staff making your bed, sweeping out your bure and replenishing water in your foot bowl. Bed linen is provided however, you will need to bring all other linen including towels and toiletries. There is a basic laundry service available for a small fee.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your package costs, with the resort offering a good variety of simple fare. Also available at the resort for purchase is a small range of snacks, soft drinks and alcohol. With regards to alcohol we ask you to treat this with respect so that it does not inhibit your participation on the programs. The Program Managers have the right to refuse the supply of alcohol to any volunteer and or to deny participation in the work program if they feel this is at odds with the program or posing a risk.   We will do our best to work with any dietary requirements you have, but please check this prior to making bookings as some resources can be limited in the remote locations we work in!


Our volunteer base is located at Barefoot Island Lodge in the Yasawa Islands. This is accessible on the Yasawa Flyer which departs daily however, more information and tickets will be issued when you book one you Vinaka Fiji Volunteer program.
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