Fiji - a diver's paradise

Imagine yourself in turquoise blue waters; hundreds of tropical fish swimming above and beside you. You look up and see the sunlight breaking through the water. You hear nothing but your breath and the occasional splash of the ocean. The sea floor is covered in magnificent, bright corals… you’ve found yourself diving in Fiji.

Fiji is known as the world’s soft coral capital and is home to some of the most spectacular dive spots in the South Pacific. Huge, vibrant coral reefs welcome divers of various ages and all experience levels. Many resorts in Fiji operate PADI or SSI outlets providing all necessary equipment and training, even catering for the little ones as young as 8. What’s best, this divers’ paradise is only a short 3-hour flight away from New Zealand.

Ease into diving and soak up the beauty of Fiji’s waters.

Fiji’s underwaterworld is very welcoming to divers of all experience levels. If you’re new to diving, there are numerous locations that offer stunning views of hard and soft corals as well as marine life encounters. Waters here are more shallow and visibility within the coral gardens can exceed 30 metres. You can meet turtles, pelagic fish, dolphins and even the occasional (harmless) shark. While most of the spots suit easy diving, there are some sites there that will answer the experienced diver’s longings with canyons, caves and smaller shipwrecks.


Coral Coast
Mamanuca Islands
Yasawa Islands
East Viti Levu

Explore shipwrecks 

If you’re a more experienced diver or someone who seeks adventure, there are a number of sites that should keep your adrenalin levels high. Explore large and accessible shipwrecks in Rakiraki and dive above healthy reefs and pinnacles while passing schools of Barracuda and Spanish Mackerel.


Pacific Harbour


Experience the most vibrant reefs and spectacular marine life.

Dive sites off Savusavu, Tavenui and Kadavu will truly make you feel like you’ve ended up in a tropical fish haven. The Namena Marine Reserve stretches for 70km off the coast of Savusavu and is home to hundreds of endemic and rare species of fish, invertebrae and coral. What’s more - it’s Fiji’s only known humpback whale calf site. Explore the magnificent and world renowned coral gardens of the Rainbow Reef off Tavenui. The tidal currents here provide a constant supply of nutrients which nourishes soft coral. Finally, one of the world’s largest barrier reefs can be found off the coast of Kadavu. The untamed and remote Great Astrolable Reef is home to colourful hard corals, reef sharks and large groupers. You get the chance to meet magnificent manta rays here – a breathtaking encounter.


Savusavu – Namena Marine Reserve
Tavenui – Rainbow Reef
Kadavu – Great Astrolable Reef

Whether you’re an experienced diver or a newbie - Fiji’s world-renowed sites welcome divers of all experience levels and ages, starting as early as 8 years old. PADI programs and outlets provide any equipment, training and assistance needed. Being only a quick 3-hour flight away from home, it’s the perfect escape from everyday life. A 5 day dive adventure, combined with Fiji’s famous hospitality, will leave you refreshed and ready for your next challenge at home.