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Fiji’s numerous vistas of crystal clear waters lapping at endless soft white sandy beaches are truly magnificent. Experience what it would be like to own a private island for a day; charter a helicopter or seaplane to reach the most far flung of them all, and touchdown on a remote deserted island to enjoy an intimate champagne beach picnic for two, with no one else but a friendly hermit crab for company. Indulge at one of Fiji’s lavish spas, or arrange an exquisite candlelit dinner for two to share with that special someone. There are numerous fine dining options available and top international chefs able to create delicious meals at a restaurant or even at your chosen accommodation. From exclusive resorts to luxurious private villas and quaint little beachside bures, you will find a range of options to choose from, making it easy to treat yourself to a little island luxury. However you decide to indulge yourself, we are sure that you will enjoy the extravagance. Spoil yourself; go on – you deserve it!

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Superstar treatment is not only reserved for the stars. Treat yourself to a little island luxury as you explore this playground of the rich and famous.

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