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技艺娴熟的厨师们总能烹饪出令人垂涎欲滴的美味佳肴,给你带来国际多元化餐饮选择,从墨西哥风味到日本精致,从美国快餐到法式饕餮,或者融合菜式,这里应有尽有。 在斐济度假时千万不要错过一种当地食物,那就是传统Lovo大餐,混合了多汁的鲜肉、浸满椰浆的蔬菜和在土灶烘熟的根茎作物。Lovo大餐的做法是用芭蕉叶仔细将食物包好,放在烧热的石头上,再覆上一层泥土烧烤若干小时。然后去除包裹,在食物上淋些鲜榨柠檬汁,再配上辣椒一起享用,这是一种很地道的吃法!
除度假村外,市镇街道上也随处可见餐馆,既有斐济当地的美食,也有印度、中国、泰国和其他欧陆风味选择。去热闹的市场走走,你一定会收获惊喜。甜美多汁的菠萝,糯软可口的香蕉和季节性芒果,保证会让你味蕾大开。 当然去斐济如果不品尝一下民族饮料卡瓦酒,你的斐济之行就不算完整。将捣碎的干卡瓦与干净、新鲜的雨水混合后一起享用,它是包容和友谊的象征。用椰子壳(Bilo)喝卡瓦酒是非常重要的当地特色文化,参与的人也都会觉得趣味十足。 这里还有烹饪课程可以指导你如何制作这些当地美食,如此一来就可以把斐济的美味佳肴带回家了。 在斐济,遍尝美味,尽享欢乐!
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The "All Day" a la-carte menu offers a wide selection of beverages and breakfast from 6.30am daily till 8pm at night. Some of our favorite breakfasts includes -  Boatman's Breakfast w/bacon, grill...
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La Parisienne offers a range of freshly baked breads and muffins, French pastries, assorted individual cakes, sandwiches, paninis, gourmet pies and savoury quiches. A wide selection of hot and cold...
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Prince Albert Restaurant & Terrance specialises in premium gourmet cuisine served with wines or champagne to enhance the flavour of your food, and all presented in a stylish setting which echoes...
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Two outstanding choices: For breakfast and lunch enjoy pool side dining at Mango Restaurant. For a delicious European, Asian and Fijian inspired menu, in a traditionally themed setting at affordable...
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Come discover West's Grill n Chill Restaurant and bar, nestled in the heart of Korolevu. We have created a unique, innovative menu that will differentiate us from the rest of the competition. By...
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Tukuni Restaurant Fiji
The Tukuni Experience Tukuni transcends a unique museum themed restaurant, displaying true Fijian hospitality, quality and tastes of its cuisine maintaining the health and organic nature of its...
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Opened in June 2009, Navo is named after the sacred island opposite the resort which is heralded as a special place for the people of nearby Sanasana Village. The island was once used as a settlement...
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