Kruepa Restaurant serves vast variety of Indian vegetarian dishes using fresh ingredients. It maintains high quality standards of food with a friendly atmosphere and good service. The restaurant has a thoroughly authentic, homely feel with a fascinating glimpse of varied cuisines from India
Kruepa Restaurant offers exotic flavours and massive choice. The menu has a thoroughly authentic feel with a fascinating glimpse of varied cuisines, ranging from Gujarati thalis, South Indian delicacies, Home-made Pizzas, Samosas, Ice Creams, Shakes  and then there's the 'Sweet Menu' just to finish off a perfect meal. Kruepa also provides catering services and can accomodate upto 50 people for any event in-house.


A Five minute walk from the Lautoka City Bus Stand. Located in the heart of Lautoka City. (Adjacent to Jack's)
P.O. Box 893 Lautoka
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