Heard of the Mexican Cafe in TappooCity downtown Suva? Only seen Mexican food in the movies? Well this is a great opportunity for you to experience Mexican food right here in Fiji. The cafe has a variety of unique Mexican recipes.
What’s more is you get to see how the food is prepared unlike other restaurants where diners are oblivious to what’s happening behind the scenes.

These eateries are targeted for tourists and expatriates who are familiar with and love the Mexican flavours and miss their spicy Mexican food when they are in Fiji.

The idea to open the eatery was to bring a taste of overseas food, home to locals. People from Australia, NZ and the U.S. know about Mexican food but this is the first of its kind that covers Tacos, Burritos and Nachos for people in Fiji in a fast food express outlet environment.

Most of the ingredients used in the Mexican Cafe were imported but the meat is locally provided. This is as close to authentic as possible and people should come and taste what it’s like.

Corporate executives, expatriates, university students and people from all walks of life enjoy TappooCity’s Foodcourt. “TappooCity‘s vision is bringing the world to Fiji.

The eatery has the next generation concept kitchen. The customers can actually see how their food is prepared and the kitchens are always clean so these new generation kitchens are open, hygienic, stainless steel and always bright and shiny. Various international cuisine offerings in the Food Court, in a beautiful, nice, clean, air conditioned environment, with breathtaking sea views of the Suva Harbour as a bonus.

The layout itself is so appealing, bright and clean and can only increase your appetite any time.

Visit TappooCity Level 4 Food court today for a taste of Mexican food right here in the capital!


  • Suva