Kiteboard Fiji will guide you through all the necessary safety, skills and practice that it takes to become a kiteboarder.  This exciting sport takes wind sports to the next level!
Ever wanted to try kiteboarding? Let our professional Kiteboard Fiji instructors teach you all there is to know.  Come and discover the thrill of what the wind and a kite can do!  In a safe, easy environment you can learn how to fly the kite, ride and even jump with your internationally qualified instructor with you every step of the way.
There are different options available, so there is something to suit everyone!
*Give it a Go-  Remember the thrill of flying a kite as a kid? Come and discover that buzz again, only this time let it take you on the ride of your life!  In this course we provide all the necessary equipment and instruction to get you flying an adult kite from the safety of the beach.  This is a great way to give it a go, before committing to the full course. 
*It All Begins-  In this course learn the intricacies of setting up your equipment, learn how to fly a powered water kite, maneuvering and piloting in all directions.  This incredibly informative session will teach you about wind, safety and all the basics of kiting knowledge. 
*Introduction to Kiteboarding- What is it really like to fly those kites out there in the ocean? This comprehensive course demonstrates all the skills required to fly a kite, jump on a board and begin riding. This is the true beginning to becoming a kiteboarder!
*Proficiency in Kiteboarding-  Proficiency means to arrive at a point where you are able to go at it on your own and practice the more advanced riding and tricks safely anywhere you choose.  This course will help you to achieve that proficiency!
*Full Advanced Kiteboarder Course-  All pro's start somewhere and this is your chance to become a Pro!  This advanced course takes you through every aspect of kiteboarding and provides you with the power and choices to make it happen! From surfing in waves to jumpes and freestyle trickery!


We are located both in Denarau, next to the yacht club, and at the incredible Volivoli Beach Resort in Rakiraki
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