Its been a rewarding 28 years of working with Rosie and Safari Tour which has groomed us in interacting with people of different ethnic backgrounds who frequent our village to enjoy our inland trek tour.
We simply show you our protected heritage. Bush walking, bird watching and be part of the journey as we walk you through our rich forest and relay our oral history. It will be an amazing experience to walk, feel and be surrounded by the natural habitation that uniquely makes Nakatutu our paradise.
Drive away from the hussel and bustle of life and let us take you on a serene journey through our prized inheritence, through tranquil streams and rich forest fogs, soak your feet into thick fijian soil and walk the path of our forefathers.


Meet and Greet at the airport if you have confirmed your booking with us. We will then transport you to the village on the same day.
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