The Fiji Independent Travellers & Backpackers Association (FITBA) provides information on a need to know basis about indpedendent travelling, backpacking, budget accommodation and a range of activities on offer in Fiji. Find us on Facebook

As we guide your quest for adventure and discovery, our mission is to provide lots of information and budget saving ideas on how to explore Fiji safely and economically, ensuring you will be aware of all Fiji has to offer and maximise the engagement of your visit. Explore our website to find operators & their websites for further information.

Bula! We welcome you to our island paradise, where the world's friendliest people are waiting for you.......

Room types

Our (FITBA) member properties have all types of rooms and facilities to suit your needs whether it be a dorm stay, a private 'bure' or a lodge on the mainland or the outer islands.

Our activities

There is so much to see and do in Fiji. Head over to our website to explore the activites and adventure that Fiji has for you!
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Coconut husking
  • Crab racing
  • Cultural lessons
  • Guided walks/tours
  • Kava ceremony
  • Kayaks
  • Musical And Cultural Entertainment
  • Pool table
  • Sailing – Hobiecats
  • Snorkelling
  • Tennis courts
  • Turtle feeding


The freshest seafood and locally grown produce awaits you at many of our members establishements.