Greetings from Kula Wild Adventure Park - the environmental showplace of the South Pacific!  

Come visit us today, bring your camera and have your picture taken with endangered Fijian iguanas and baby snakes or help us hand feed our Hawksbill Sea Turtles at 11am, 1pm and 3.30pm daily.
The Park is nestled in a valley of coastal forest less than 1,000 meters from the ocean close to Sigatoka Town. The Queen's Highway runs past the park's entrance on its way between the international airport of Nadi and the capital city of Suva. 

Initially established as a 'bird park' in the late 1980', the Park displayed typical aviculture species but ran into hard times. By 1996, the Park was in shocking condition with most birds in dire need of proper nutrition and care. Kula Wild Adventure Park Management bought the Park in 1997 and immediate action was taken to save the Park's inhabitants.

Today, the Park is the environmental showpiece of the South Pacific. Kula Wild Adventure Park works in cooperation with The National Trust for Fiji, The Endangered Species Recovery Council of San Diego, The Parks Board of New South Wales (PBNSW) Australia, is a Full Institutional Member of The Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks & Aquaria (ARAZPA), an Honorary Associate of the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia (RZSSA).

The Park has been presented with a local "Excellence in Tourism" award numerous times and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) bestowed the prestigious Phoenix Award to the Park - the only one handed out in the Pacific.

Kula Wild Adventure Park is Fiji's only:-
     * Wildlife Park
     * Endangered species breeding facility
     * Free Environmental Education Facility for Fiji's school children.

The Park is solely funded by guest gate takings, which help fund...
     * our Captive Breeding programs
     * our Environmental Education program

Funding is essential if Kula is to continue it's work conserving and preserving the flora and fauna of Fiji.

WildLife in Fiji 

Besides the Flying Fox fruit bat, Fiji has no naturally occurring land-living mammals and its native wildlife is otherwise made up of birds, reptiles and insects. Introduced species (such as the Mongoose - Herpestes auropunctatus) have caused the extinction or serious decline of many birds and reptiles in Fiji, some of which may have never been known to man before their disappearance. New species are still being discovered in these rugged and isolated Islands and some of the greatest discoveries took place within the last 25 years.
Preservation and protection Fiji's wildlife, through research and education, is Kula Wild Adventure Park's primary objective. 

Endangered Species Breeding Programs 

We conduct Captive Breeding programs for some of Fiji's unique species.
Our targets have been 4 of the most critically Endangered species:
 - Fiji's Peregrine Falcon
 - Fiji's Yadua Taba Crested Iguana
 - Fiji's Ground Frog
 - Fiji's newly discovered Monoriki Crested Iguana.
To date, our success rate stands at 75%.  Our aim is to breed and release a healthy population back into their natural environment.
Example of Successful Endangered Species Breeding at the Park.  
A few years ago, there were less than 40 Monoriki Crested Iguanas remaining in the wild.  In our first year of breeding, we produced 9 healthy juveniles through just 2 clutches of eggs.  That's a 22.5% increase in the World wide population, with more and more clutches every following year!

Free Environmental Education for Fiji's School Children 

We provide Free Environmental Education to school children in Fiji - especially those between 11 - 13 years old.

Our commitment is to provide each child:
     * Free or subsidized return transportation
     * Free full day hands-on environmental education
     * Free personalized achievement certificate

Our aim is to immerse them in a one day, hands-on environmental experience.  Pollution, habitat damage and urbanisation are all discussed through hands-on sessions that have the children totally enthralled. Hands fly in the air during the question and answer segments as these newly appointed Environmental Ambassadors eagerly compete with each other. 

Over 10,000* children have 'graduated' from our environmental awareness sessions, but there are thousands more we must still reach.

* (That's over 12.5% of Fiji's 11-13 year old population)


Kula Wild Adventure Park is set in the southern Coral Coast area of Viti Levu, located 5 minutes east of Sigatoka, opposite the Outrigger Fiji Resort.

Opertaing Hours:-
      * Open from 10am - 4.30pm (7 days/wk)
      * Closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day 
      * Admission fee required.

There are self-guided tours daily but bookings are required for guided tours. Contact us today for your own personalized tour.

     Phone: (679) 6500 505   Fax: (679) 6520 202
     Email: kulapark [at] connect [dot] com [dot] fj
P O Box 823 Sigatoka Fiji Islands
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