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Fiji’s idyllic atmosphere can be truly inspirational and many spontaneous proposals have been made upon sandy bended knee. Pop the question in paradise during a private island picnic for two or an intimate candlelit dinner; however you ask, we are sure that the answer we be yes! A wedding in Fiji is a magical affair and honeymooning here is simply heavenly. You can fall off the grid and into each other’s arms at one of Fiji’s exclusive honeymoon resorts. With child-free couples only resorts or private charter boats to be taken advantage of, your honeymoon in Fiji can be completely private and self-indulgent - all you need to concern yourself with is…well, nothing! Start your love affair with Fiji.

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The perfect place to enjoy a little romance, Fiji is ideal for proposals, honeymoons and anniversaries - or just because you're feeling the love!

Why have your wedding in Fiji?

Legal weddings
Weddings in Fiji are recognised as legal worldwide.

Stress free
Resorts offer the services of a wedding coordinator who will arrange everything including all legal requirements in advance and there is great flexibility and willingness to tailor-make arrangements to match a couple’s aspirations.
Have an entire resort to yourself


Wedding FAQ

1. Are weddings in Fiji legally recognized overseas?

Weddings in Fiji are recognized as legal worldwide

2. What documents are required to get married in Fiji?

  • Birth certificates
  • Passports with valid legal status
  • If applicable, divorce certificate
  • If previous spouse is deceased, a death certificate

A Certificate of Single status or certificate of no legal impediment must be provided if:


Weddings and Honeymoons

There’s a reason so many newly-weds and about-to-be-weds flock to Fiji to celebrate their love. With glistening white beaches, lush rainforests and countless hideaway spots, this is one of the most romantic places on earth. If you want help with planning, many resorts offer great wedding or honeymoon packages to take the pressure off. Whether you’re looking for a wedding venue or somewhere to honeymoon, Fiji is the ideal place to start your lives together.
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