Escape from modern life at Kadavu, where you can experience true Fijian culture.
With just one town and very few roads, Kadavu is the perfect place to relax and immerse yourself in Fiji’s incredible natural beauty.

The unspoilt islands of Kadavu are renowned for the world-famous diving spot, the Great Astrolabe Reef. Above water, there’s also plenty to see and do, with rainforest treks, birdwatching and guided sea-kayaking tours. While getting around the islands is an adventure, that’s all part of the fun when you’re experiencing such a unique slice of untouched paradise.


Accommodation is varied across the islands. Options range from guest houses to budget backpackers and high-end eco resorts, with many places only accessible by boat.

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The Great Astrolabe Reef which surrounds Kadavu is one of the largest barrier reefs in the world.  Whether you want to swim alongside huge manta rays, explore ship wrecks or soar through pristine coral gardens, the Great Astrolabe Reef offers a huge range of underwater experiences. All the resorts at Kadavu offer equipment and opportunities to snorkel or scuba dive on the reef.

Further inland you’ll find good hiking routes from several of the resorts. Explore lush rainforest filled with stunning birdlife and spectacular waterfalls, or wind your way back to the long sandy beaches that line the coast

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Getting to Kadavu

The road system in Kadavu is very limited, so you’ll mostly need to travel by boat. A shuttle bus runs from Kadavu Airport to wherever your boat is leaving.

There are daily flights to Kadavu from Nadi and Nausori Airport just out of Suva. But if you want to travel like a local, catch the ferry that departs from Walu Bay, Suva, on Tuesday evenings and travels to Vunisea and Kavala Bay on Kadavu.

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Dining in Kadavu

Being a remote tropical paradise, dining options on Kadavu are limited to the self-contained resorts, some of which grow their own organic produce on site. And, as you’d imagine, fresh seafood is plentiful. Outside of the resorts, you can buy basic supplies and snacks near the airstrip terminal.

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