Lau Islands

Lau Islands

Made up of a few tiny islands in the far east, almost halfway to Tonga, the Lau Group is the Fiji not often seen by tourists.
Life here is simple and a bit wild, with no restaurants and only three islands that have accommodation for visitors.

Venture off the beaten track to experience a place that’s utterly unspoiled and rich in unique culture, while still offering traditional Fijian hospitality.


Accommodation in the Lau Group consists of two simple guesthouses on Vanua Balavu and Lakeba islands, and the luxurious Vatuvara Resort on the northern Kaibu island, which has its own airstrip and chartered planes for guests.

Another way to visit is on a Captain Cook eleven-night Discovery Cruise which stops in at the Lau Group three times each year.

Being so isolated, the Lau Group is ideal for private yacht cruising, but make sure you’ve got the relevant permits and clearance first.

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There are many stunning sites for swimming, snorkelling and diving throughout the island group, including the Bay of Islands in Vanua Balavu. Spectacular limestone caves can be found on Lakeba and Vanua Balavu Islands. Also on Vanua Balavu you can visit the small village of Lomaloma and the neighbouring village of Sawana, which was built by the Tongans who conquered the island in the 19th century.

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Getting to Lau Group

Boats are the primary form of transport in Lau. Some of the larger islands have small airstrips, but there is no public transport.

Vanua Balavu, Lakeba and Cicia have airports for both charters and Fijian domestic flights.

Transport in Lau Islands

Dining in Lau Group

It’s best to come prepared when you visit the Lau Group. There are no restaurants and while village shops have some supplies, there are only small amounts of stock with little variety.

Dining in Lau Islands