The Lomaiviti Group is the perfect place to experience laid-back island life and also visit the Unesco World Heritage Site at Levuka.
The islands are at the heart of Fiji's colonial past and are home to the country’s first capital, Levuka. Some of the inner islands are well-developed tourist destinations with plenty of facilities and attractions including diving, fishing, snorkeling and whale watching. Other islands are more like the Fiji of old and have few facilities, but still offer an enchanting island experience.


The first capital of Fiji, Levuka was founded as a whaling settlement in 1830. The cotton boom in the 1860’s brought new settlers, and groups of businessmen followed as the cotton, coconut and tea trades flourished in the surrounding islands.  Levuka grew into the hub of the South Pacific until Suva was established as the capital in 1877.

The port town of Levuka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a rare example of a late colonial port town that was influenced in its development by the indigenous community which continued to outnumber the European settlers.


Homestays and resorts are scattered throughout the Lomaiviti Group, although there are several concentrated in Ovalau.


Diving, snorkelling and yachting are popular outdoor activities in the Lomaiviti Group, and there are tours through some of the villages. Be sure to take in some of Fiji’s rich history by visiting Levuka, one of the few South Pacific communities to retain its colonial buildings.

The islands of the Lomaiviti Group are not overfished, so casting over-sized poppers into the backwash of the barrier reefs at Gau, Batiki and Nairai is an adrenaline rush as you watch your lure get hammered by the local Trevally population that can weigh up to 50kg a fish. It is not hard to understand why this region has earned the reputation of being the ‘Big Fish’ capital of Fiji.


Ovalau offers a selection of eateries, and most of the resorts also offer a restaurant or meal options.


Levuka has a taxi service and there is a shuttle service that travels between Levuka and Bureta. You'll need to arrange a boat for travel between the islands of the Lomaiviti Group.