Experience a trip onboard the great traditional voyaging canoe of Fiji, the Drua. This proud double-hulled craft is a piece of living history here in Suva. Crewed by traditional wayfinders and compliant with all maritime safety regulations, it is an experience to remember.
A little over a hundred years ago fleets of canoes dominated the Pacific, and the greatest of all was the Fijian drua. Larger, faster and more agile, these craft were revered across the ocean. Sadly there have been none gracing tropical waters for over a generation. Until now...

Launched in 2016, 'i Vola Siga Vou' the new rising star, is reinvigorating traditional sailing culture here in Fiji. A faithful replica of the last surviving drua built in Fiji over a hundred years ago and compliant with all maritime safety regulations. It's an adventure into the proud past of the Pacific.

Operating as a charter vessel to provide sustainable employment to the next generation of traditional sailors, wayfinders and voyagers and introducing people to a new way of looking at the beautiful place between the wind and the water.

The Drua Experience invites visitors to sail, swim and relax straight out of the heart of the city. Running a variety of packages around the Suva area to suit time and budget, a trip on our drua will be a cherished memory of Fiji.


We can arange pick up and drop off at a vareity of locations around the city to suit your needs, all of which are easy to find and get to. Our favourite places to work out of are the Royal Suva Yacht Club in Walu Bay and the Sailing Club in Laucala Bay. Get in contact via email or phone, let us know what works for you and we'll do the rest.
PO Box 16813 Suva
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