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Beaches & Coastal Activities

Fiji’s diverse coastline is simply spectacular, offering long sandy beaches to sheer volcanic cliffs and everything in between. Flanked by dramatic mountain ranges and the alluring waters of the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji’s coastline is a diverse area of natural beauty with lush tropical mangrove forests, safe swimming beaches and volcanic rocky outcrops linking the two. In some areas, cliff side waterfalls discharge thundering volumes of cool fresh rainwater that flows down from untouched mountain ranges into the sea below, whilst in others, you’ll find shallow streams perfect for a little paddler’s feet trickling through sandy beachside channels. Build sandcastles, race hermit crabs along the beach, explore rock pools and collect sand dollars with the kids or simply watch the tide roll in from the comfort of a beachside hammock.
The variety of picturesque scenes - tranquil bays, bustling harbours, long peninsulas and crashing reef breaks - make Fiji’s coastline an attraction in itself. Many boat operators offer cruises so that you may enjoy the coastline from an entirely different perspective. From stunning bays of shimmering emerald water with jet black volcanic rock formations jutting up from the ocean floor, to deserted sandy havens gently lapped by calm turquoise waves. Fiji’s vibrant coral reefs are often only a short snorkel from shore making the beaches of Fiji’s 333 islands the palm-fringed gateway to an oasis of bliss. Enjoy Fiji’s magnificent coastline, one beach at a time.
Beaches & Coastal Activities
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Beachcomber is best known for its fun reputation as ‘party-island by night, paradise by day’. And paradise it truly is. Situated in a tranquil marine sanctuary in the beautiful Mamanuca Islands,...
-17.654301, 177.255005
Cruise through the Mamanuca Islands before meandering through the lagoon that surround Mana. Step ashore and take a deep breath: you’re truly in the middle of Fiji’s beautiful islands now!   South...
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Free Fly the local ridges. Paragliding was concieved in the early 1980's  when rock climber's begain foot launching skydiving chutes from the top of their climb. Modern paragliders now have a much...
-16.803600, 179.408005
Explore the Lautoka Fresh fruit and veg market and get a rundown on what the locals eat and how they cook. Not open on a Sunday. In Lautoka you can also visit the fish market next to the wharf. Not...
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