The Lau Group, made up of a few small islands in Fiji’s far east, offer a glimpse of Fiji often not often seen by tourists.  Life here is simple and somewhat wild – there are no restaurants and only three islands have have accommodation for outsiders.

If you’re prepared to venture off the beaten track you’ll get to experience Lau’s unique culture. If you want to see a place that’s utterly unspoiled, while still offering traditional Fijian hospitality, then visiting the Lau Group is your chance.


Accommodation options are limited to two budget guesthouses on Vanua Balavu and Lakeba islands and the luxurious Vatuvara Resort on Kaibu island in the northern part of the group.  The resort has its own airstrip and chartered planes for guests.

An alternative way to visit this remote island group is on a Captain Cook 11-night 'Discovery' cruise which visits the Lauan group three times a year.

The Lau group is ideal for private yacht cruising but mariners must ensure that relevant permits and clearance are completed first.


The Lau Group has some spectacular sites for swimming, snorkelling and diving such as the Bay of Islands in Vanuabalavu. On land, hiking trips are a great way to experience the incredible natural landscape.


There are no restaurants in Lau.  Village shops have some supplies but very little variety and stock.


Some of the larger islands have small airstrips but there is no public transport. Boats are the primary form of transport.

The islands of Vanuabalavu, Lakeba and Cicia have airports serviced by the domestic carrier Fiji Link while Moala is serviced by Northern Air. Charter flights are able to land at these airports too. A government vessel visits the island every month but schedules change regularly.