The weather in Fiji

Nestled in the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji has a long dry season and great weather from March to December.

The islands have a year round tropical climate with most months getting up around 30°C (86 °F). A gentle trade wind often blows from the east to keep even the most active visitors to our shores cool and comfortable.

Some parts of Fiji get more rain than others, and each Island has its own wet and dry zones. Generally the north and west regions of each island are drier throught the year.

The ocean surrounding Fiji usually has a pleasant temperature around 27°C (81°F), so ocean activities, such as swimming, snorkeling and diving can be enjoyed year-round. The water is usually clearer during the drier season, when scuba divers enjoy increased visibility around the coral reefs.

When to Visit Fiji

The most popular time to visit Fiji weather-wise is between late March and early December, with sunny days and a warm tropical climate offering endless options for lazing on white sandy beaches, diving beneath the waves and exploring inland.

The dry season runs from May to October. This is when it’s less humid and a bit cooler, so outside activities are more pleasant. This is also Fiji's peak tourist season so the prices for airfares and accommodation peak as well, especially in June and July.

The wet season runs from November to April. Expect a few, brief, heavy showers but these are localised. The smaller islands in Fiji typically receive less rainfall than the main Island. Fiji does experience an occasional cyclone in the wet season but these are well forecasted. Special offers on accomodation and activities can often be found during these months.