Application for a marriage license must be made to the nearest Registrar Office or District office in Fiji at least 3 working days prior to the marriage.

Special arrangements can also be organized to suit your travel plans.
The couple must provide the following personal documents to the registrar for verification purposes at least two weeks before the wedding:

  • Original birth certificates
  • Recent passport-sized photos
  • Valid passports
  • Divorce papers (if either party is divorced)
  • Death certificate (if either party has a deceased spouse)
  • Names of two witnesses and their IDs
  • Name of Marriage Officer/Denomination (if applying for Special License)

A Certificate of Single Status or certificate of no Legal Impediment must be produced if:

  • Non-residents marrying in Fiji
  • Non-resident marrying a local
  • Former citizens of Fiji with two years & above residency abroad
A Statutory Declaration must be provided by former citizens of Fiji & citizens of Fiji on a work visa living abroad for less than two years.

Marriage applicants from Japan must produce the koseki-shouhon to certify their personal details.

Marriage Fees

The current marriage fees are shown below in Fijian currency. Payment should be made by cash or postal money order made payable to the Registrar General.

Application for Special LIcense

Marriage officiated in the Registry (including normal standard Marriage Certificate)

Marriage officiated by the Registrar or District Registrar after official working hours

Working hours are from 8.00am/4.00pm Mondays to Friday and closed on weekends and public holidays.
Traditional Fijian design Marriage Certificate

Standard Certificate

Legal Age

The legal age of consent to marry is 18 years old for both male and female.

Marriage Officers

Both religious and civil marriage celebrants are available. Arrangements may be undertaken for couples to bring their own celebrant to participate in the vows and the blessing of the ring but the local celebrant will solemnize the marriage and sign the marriage certificate.

Apostille Seal

All registered marriages certificate will be forwarded to the Foreign Affairs office to obtain an Apostille Seal to authenticate that the marriage is legal and be recognized in foreign countries.