Volunteering with GVI in Fiji offers participants the opportunity to enjoy Fiji's rich culture while contributing to critical community support and conservation intiatives across our  multiple projects and locations. 
 Global Vision International (GVI) was formed in 1998 to provide support and services to international charities, non-profits and governmental agencies.

Through our international network in over 30 countries GVI supports key critical conservation and humanitarian projects.

Award winning social enterprise and Winner of the 2013 World Youth Student Travel Outstanding volunteer project award and the 2011 Virgin Responsible Tourism Award, Global Vision International Fiji, is a locally registered Fiji company and not for profit organisation. 

Our Fiji projects range from Marine Conservation programs to Education Enrichment projects in local schools and community based income generation intiatives. Our projects continue to support communities and eco-systems in both the Northern Yasawa Islands and Eastern Coast of Viti Levu. 
As a volunteer, you will be working alongside local people on a range of community development intiatives at one of our two bases in Fiji.
Make your home among the luscious forests and mountainous backdrop of the Dawsamu District in the east of Fiji's mainland or, travel to the white sandy beaches and sapphire blue waters in the Yasawa Island chain in the western region of Fiji.

Our Volunteer Project focuses include:

Marine Research and Conservation
Education Enrichement and Support
Enviromental Research
Water Security
Income Generation Intiatives
Dolphin Research
Padi Divemaster Internships
Education Internships
Community Awareness and Support

Visit our website for more information on our current programs and find the perfect volunteering opportunity for you.


Award Winning Volunteer Projects 

Winner of the 2011 Virgin Responsible Tourism Award, Global Vision International is an internationally recognised social enterprise specialising in the design and implementation of high quality, impactful volunteer projects. Our Fiji program was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Volunteer Project Award at the International World Youth Student Travel Awards in Sydney. Our projects in Fiji, run in collaboration with local partner organisations and Fiji Government Agencies have contributed thousands of volunteer service hours to community based conservation, empowerment, and sustainability enhancing intiatives since 2011. 

Real Impact 

Over 500,000 Litres of drinking water capacity added in drought prone villages through rainwater harvesting system construction.

Approximately 900,000 contact hours provided by our Education Enrichment projects across 4 remote under-resourced schools.

Our Marine Conservation Project contributes valuable information and data in order to support the local management of an area of over 38,000 hectares. 

Our Income Generation projects and fundraising have funded everything from libraries and solar Panels, to training workshops and large scale water infrastucture improvements.


Our Volunteers 

Our programs and achievements have been made possible by volunteers of all different ages from all over the world. Through our in depth training programs delievered by our highly experienced staff team, which is made of project managers, marine biologists, development specialists, and qualified teachers, we are able to ensure that all our volunteers can have a real impact here in Fiji. 

Volunteer Testimonial
I just recently returned home from our education project in Fiji. I knew that this was going to be an adventure that I would never forget but what I didn't know was how it would change my life. Thank you for the opportunity you've given me. Before I left for Fiji I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life, now I have a strong sense of direction.   Again thank you for this life changing opportunity. I WILL be involved with GVI for many years to come!     
Tyler McKay, GVI Community Project Volunteer


To enroll in a GVI Fiji Volunteer project please visit www.gvi.co.uk for more details. To learn more about our global impact please visit ww.gviworld.com. To make a donation to our programs please visit www.gvi.org.

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