The Bulanaires program launched on 20th  March, 2019 – the International Day of Happiness.  We need your help to make the program bigger and better in 2020.
What Is a Bulanaire?
Simply put – it’s a person who is rich in happiness and shares the Bula spirit. 
Bulanaires Program
The inaugural Bulanaires list featured a small selection of local Fijians and international personalities who were rich in happiness. The campaign generated over 39 million engagements across our international markets.
Bulanaires 2020
We want to build on that success in 2020 by expanding the program across Fiji’s tourism sector to find more of Fiji’s Bulanaires. 
Bulanaires will become Happiness Ambassadors. They will work with Tourism Fiji to help share the Bula Spirit with the world and reinforce why Fiji is the place where happiness finds you. Find out more by browsing the information below.  

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Sharing Fiji's Bula Spirit with the world

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