Dolphin Watch Fiji is a locally owned operation based at Takalana Bay Retreat.  Watch captivating spinner dolphins that can only be found all year round at spectacular Moon Reef.  Later taken to a swim & snorkel site to view vibrant marine & fish life.  Enjoy!     
Dolphin Watch is one of the most sought after activity at the Retreat. Dolphin Watch Fiji also caters to active conservation programmes which is proven to be a popular niche segment in Fiji.  

Moon Reef or Makalati is known to the "yavusa" (tribe) called Lau in the village of Silana. The village of Silana is located in a north easterly direction to, and which can be seen from the retreat. Their forefathers believed that when a person dies, his/her spirit is sent to paradise. The journey starts off with the spirit going to Udukula Point. At this point, there is a series of steps which lead to two large stones. Oral tradition has it that souls use the large stones as diving boards to jump to the Moon Reef.

As a Marine Prtoected Area, it is forbbiden to discard rubbish into the reef.

Stories relayed by their forefathers will be continued when you visit Moon reef one day. Sit back, relax and enjoy your trip to Moon Reef. Refreshment is also served on board by the crew.


Public transport (Nasese Buses & Lodoni Transport) depart daily from Suva's Western bus station to Takalana. You can board either one of these buses from Suva/Korovou Town: Inter-Cities/Flying Prince/Lodoni Transport/Nasese Buses/Sunbeam Transport or Vatukoula Express with daily departures from Suva's main bus depot. From Korovou Town you can hire a van/taxi for the Dolphin Watch trip to Moon Reef. 

Day trippers from the West Coast, Pacific Harbour area please contact the Retreat direct.   The same goes to those that would travel from Suva.
PO Box 63 Korovou Tailevu
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