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Evangeline Kumar

Evan’s secret to a happy life is to dance…a lot!


In Fiji, 'Bula' is more than just a greeting. It’s a wish for happiness, good health and the energy of life. For anyone who has visited Fiji before, you will know that a ‘Bula’ is just as contagious as a smile!  


To share the ‘Bula Spirit’ the people of Fiji created a Bulanaires List. It’s a twist on the popular billionaires' rich lists, where instead, the list celebrates people from around the globe who are truly rich in happiness.


Meet Evan Kumar from VOU Hub Fiji.


Her passion for bringing people joy through her dancing says it all when it comes to this Bulanaire! 


Evan has been part of the VOU Hub Fiji family since she was six years old. Since then she has found that dancing has allowed her to develop her own emotional intelligence and the confidence to live a happy life. Coming from a family who had aspirations of her having a white-collar profession, choosing a life where she could dance everyday was at first intimidating. But Evan knew that doing something that brought her so much joy was important.


I’m passionate about dancing. Through dancing I can portray our way of living while also making my audience smile. I get an overwhelming feeling of joy when I see I have made other people happy through dance."


For Evan, dance is also a way that she continues to make her mom—whom she lost in 2014—proud. The best part of her day is being with her dance family at VOU Hub Fiji, as she loves to hear about their own life updates and learn from them daily.


Evan’s secret to happiness? To simply follow your heart!


“You can be sitting in an office and earning so much but really you are not happy. So, do something you love. Don’t make the paycheck your passion. Make passion your paycheck!”


To Evan, the ‘Bula Spirit’ is about being friendly, being kind, being loving and having pride—something she is able to showcase everyday through her dancing!


The Fijian people want to share their happiness and Bula Spirit with everyone at a time when the world needs it most. With 333 islands ready to be explored and year-round warmth, it is the perfect place to find happiness. 


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