16/06/2021 TRAVEL ADVISORY: Travel restrictions in place, COVID-19

Ride along the coral coastline with EcoTrax

Cycle the old sugar cane railway on EcoTrax’s electric mounted bicycles, winding along the coastline through villages, mangrove sand rainforests. 

With year-round sunshine, Fiji is perfect for relaxing beach or poolside, but if you can tear yourself away from the beautiful beaches, then EcoTrax is a true adventure for all ages, snaking along the pristine coastline, while taking in the local villages along the journey.

Established in 2016, EcoTrax runs along the old sugar cane railway, with modified electric bicycles (also known as a Velocipede) mounted on the track. You will learn the history of the sugar cane industry, once Fiji’s biggest export, as well as learning all about the Fijian way of life as you meander through the countryside meeting locals along the way.

The tour lasts 2 hours and winds through mangroves, rainforests, rock cuttings and villages as you make your way to Vunabua (also known as Frangipani Beach) where you’ll be able to enjoy a dip in the ocean, while replenishing with fresh coconuts and fruit.

Getting there:

EcoTrax is based at Cuvu, near Sigatoka on the Coral Coast. If you are driving south from Denarau, allow approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to get to Cuvu

EcoTrax can also arrange transfers from Coral Coast hotels


Hot tips:

You’ll get water and light refreshments along the route,but make sure you pack sunscreen for the tour

Remember your camera, the tour has stunning views