Angela Hassan

Angela Hassan - Bulanaire1:13


Angela Hassan is no stranger to the Fiji Tourism Industry having begun her hospitality career in 1995 as a Front Desk Clerk with The Naviti Resort on Viti Levu’s stunning Coral Coast.

Angela has since worked at various resort properties but has never ventured too far from her beloved home region. Now, 23 years later, her career has come full circle as she is the Sales Manager for The Naviti Resort.

With her positive attitude and engaging personality, Angela tackles life’s ups and downs with a healthy dose of humour. She seeks to live in the moment and enjoys simple pleasures like spending time with family and friends because she believes that no one gets a second chance at life.

Moreover, Angela believes that the ‘Bula Spirit’ is not just some catchy slogan but a way of life that lives in all of us and needs to be shared.

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