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Frequently  Asked Questions

Here are the key questions we’ve had about the Bulanaires programme. If you have any more, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

WHAT is a Bulanaire?
A Bulanaire is someone who is rich in happiness.

WHAT do they do?
Bulanaires share their happiness and the Bula spirit with others.

WHO can be a Bulanaire?
Anyone can be a Bulanaire, it is a mindset.

Who are the Bulanaires?
Our 2020 Bulanaires are made up of people from the Tourism Industry in Fiji and a few famous friends, who we believe share our Bula spirit.

Why is Tourism Fiji running this programme?
A recent Gallup International Survey showed that Fiji was the happiest country in the world. However, the survey also showed that happiness was in decline elsewhere, even at a time when we have more wealth than ever and the world’s annual rich lists showcase so many Billionaires. This gave us the idea to share some of Fiji’s abundant happiness with the rest of the world. On the International Day of Happiness, 20 March 2019, we released a rich list of a different kind. A list of people who were truly rich. Rich in happiness. Bulanaires, not billionaires.

What’s it all about?
We’ve formed a community of Bulanaires based here in Fiji and around the globe, who we’ll empower to share their happiness with the world. We want to further celebrate the true heroes of Fiji’s tourism industry – Fiji’s
frontliners. Everyday, it’s their authentic Fijian hospitality that puts a smile on every visitor’s face and we want to nurture and promote the role they play in making Fiji the place where happiness finds you.

Who is eligible to be a Bulanaire?
Tourism Fiji has partnered with the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association (FHTA) and the Society of Fiji Travel Associations (SOFTA) to identify a list of Bulanaires from across Fiji, however, other businesses outside of this sector are also eligible to participate.

A Bulanaire can come from any area of a business, but must have some level of customer interaction. This doesn’t just mean someone who is ‘Front of House’, it could be a gardener who provides the flowers to a bride for her wedding bouquet, a Nanny who cares for children in a Kids Club or a member of House Keeping who helps a guest with a special request to make their stay more comfortable.

What is the role of a Bulanaire?
Bulanaires will become Happiness Ambassadors.

They will work with Tourism Fiji to help share the Bula Spirit with the world and reinforce why Fiji is the place where happiness finds you.

Selected Bulanaires may have the opportunity to act as talent in campaigns and content created by Tourism Fiji. And others will be critical in helping us to bring these campaigns to life by helping to organise community or operator engagement or encourage participation by visitors.

The key moments we will be seeking support around include: International Day of Happiness, Industry Day and the Fijian Tourism Expo and a few other select events that Tourism Fiji would look to profile Bulanaires at.

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