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Steven  Andrews

Steven’s secret to a happy life is a daily dose of smiling, laughing and saying ‘Bula’ to everyone you meet. 

In Fiji, 'Bula' is more than just a greeting. It’s a wish for happiness, good health and the energy of life. For anyone who has visited Fiji before, you will know that a Bula is just as contagious as a smile! 

To share the ‘Bula Spirit’ the people of Fiji created a Bulanaires List. It’s a twist on the popular billionaires' rich lists, where instead, the list celebrates people from around the globe who are truly rich in happiness.

Meet Steven Andrews from Castaway Island Resort. 

His warm welcome says it all when it comes to this Bulanaire! 

Originally from the northern town of Savusavu in Vanua Levu, a region known for its lush tropical rain forest and laid-back approach to life, Steven spent much of his early hospitality career working his way through the ranks at one of Fiji’s luxury resorts— Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. In 2005 he left to join Castaway Island Resort in the beautiful Mamanuca Islands, where he has called home ever since. 

With a warm personality and a penchant for humour, Steven’s infectious smile instantly puts people at ease and it’s only fitting that he is now the General Manager for one of Fiji’s friendliest resorts. Much like his staff, Steven embodies the ‘Bula Spirit’.

“When I say Bula, I am wishing everyone the happiness of life, says Andrew. 

Andrews secret to happiness? It starts with a smile. He also includes laughter, hugging and kava on the list, and defines joy as living liferather than accumulating possessions. 

"Happiness is laughter, happiness is waking up in the morning, happiness is going for a swim, happiness is sleeping under a coconut tree, happiness is enjoying life to the fullest," insists Andrew. 

The Fijian people want to share their happiness and Bula Spirit with everyone at a time when the world needs it most. With 333 islands ready to be explored, year-round warmthand just a three-hour flight from Auckland, Fiji is the perfect place to find happiness.

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