Tom Kinikinilau

Tomasi KinikinilauBulanaire


 The big smile says it all when it comes to this “Bulanaire”.

Tomasi’s (Tom) infectious happiness is a major attraction in his workplace and life, although, Tom’s initial career path started out in more “subdued” spaces.
Having studied web design, office practices and electrical engineering after finishing high school, Tom then ventured into roles in security and his studied electrical trade, before being discovered through his Facebook page where over 2,500 followers would watch his hilarious antics as he went about his daily life.

Back in 2017, this caught the eye of Malolo Island Resort’s Operations manager (now Resort Manager), and Tom was asked to interview for a job in the resort activities team.

The rest is history as they say, and now Tom’s daily role is to spread happiness to Malolo resort guests from around the world – not hard when you list one of your “hobbies” as: making people laugh.

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