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Tom Kinikinilau

Tomasi KinikinilauBulanaire



Tom’s secret to a happy life is to start each day by giving yourself a big ‘Bula’ smile.

In Fiji, 'Bula' is more than just a greeting. It’s a wish for happiness, good health and the energy of life. For anyone who has visited Fiji before, you will know that a Bula is just as contagious as a smile! 

To share the ‘Bula Spirit’ the people of Fiji created a BulanairesList. It’s a twist on the popular billionaires' rich lists, where instead, the list celebrates people from around the globe who are truly rich in happiness.

Meet Tom Kinikinilau from Malolo Island Resort. 

The big smile says it all when it comes to this Bulanaire

Tom’s infectious happiness is a major attraction in his workplace and personal life, although, Tom’s initial career path started out in more ‘subdued’ industries. Having studied web design, office practices and electrical engineering after finishing high school, Tom first ventured into roles in security. But he was then discovered through his Facebook page, where thousands of his followers would watch his hilarious antics as he went about his daily life. 

In 2017, his social media presence caught the eye of Malolo Island Resort’s Operations Manager (now Resort Manager), who asked Tom to interview for a job as part of the resort activities team. The rest was history and now Tom’s daily role at Malolo Resort is to spread his Bula Spirit to guests who visit from all around the world.

Tom says his happiness is ignited by seeing other people happy. His greatest joy is making people laugh and putting smiles on kids’ faces, saying they try and smile bigger than me! Which is very hard to do!” 

"If you give me that big Bula smile, I'll give you the biggest Bula smile you've ever seen," Tom says with a grin.

He emphasizes that the happiness formula is simple.

"Wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and just give yourself a big, bright Bula smile. If you can make yourself happy, you can make everyone happy," advises Tom. 

The Fijian people want to share their happiness and Bula Spirit with everyone at a time when the world needs it most. With 333 islands ready to be explored, year-round warmthand just a three-hour flight from Auckland, Fiji is the perfect place to find happiness.

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