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Learn to dive in Fiji

Trade in your snorkels for a tank in the soft coral capital of the world.  With phenomenal coral reefs – including two of the world’s largest - to play in, and experienced dive operators to guide you, there’s no better time to take the plunge.

Here’s more reasons to suit up on your next Fijian getaway.


World-Class Reefs

Fiji’s coral reefs are world-class…and that’s no empty boast.  It’s been hailed as the soft coral capital and the best shark dive in the world. Standout sites like the Great White Wall get a regular mention on global dive site lists.


As the Pacific’s crossroads, Fiji’s marine life is incredibly colourful and diverse.  Once you’ve checked out the 300 species of hard coral, there’s over 1200 fish species to scope out.  And over 7000 snail species - if you have the time!


It’s Warm!

Did we mention the balmy waters?  Water temperatures can reach a pleasant 28C (82F) in the summer – so warm you could even ditch the wetsuit for boardies and a simple rash guard. It can drop to 25C (77F) in winter but that’s nothing a 3mm wetsuit can’t handle. Visibility is stunning in the cooler months so keep your camera close for the hundreds of candid fish pix you’ll be taking.


Global Dive Certification

Both PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and SSI (Scuba Schools International) accredited operators dive here so you’re in good hands. It won’t matter whether you dive with PADI or SSI, with each course you add to your dive belt, you’ll log the hours to dive all over the world. 


Family Fun

At some resorts, kids as young as 8 can take their first breath underwater with ‘Bubblemaker’ programs practicing their skills with fun pool games. At 10 years, they’ll be ready to level up and dive their first reef with a Junior Open Water Certification.  


First Dive

You’ll most likely start out with intro dives in the pool to get you used to the equipment.  But once you’ve got the basics sorted, the Open Water certification is the one to opt for if you’re keen on exploring beyond the shallows. It usually takes 4-5 days to earn your Open Water dive creds. Luckily, a good chunk of the theory work can be completed online pre-trip which means more time to test drive your rookie dive skills on holiday!



You’ll find lots of accommodation options to suit all budgets.  Affordable dive resorts, family friendly properties to luxurious adults-only retreats.

Most resorts have a dive operator onsite.  If they don’t, they’ll set you up with the nearest operator who’ll guide you from pool to open water.