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Shark Diving

There are not many places in the world where you can dive with sharks in tropical waters and it is certainly not for the faint-hearted. However, for an experienced diver and shark enthusiast, it can be one of the most exciting, adrenaline filled and memorable experiences of their life. 

Fortunately for you and the many dive adventure seekers, Fiji is home to some excellent shark dive tours. Read all about the prime shark dive locations and a bunch of interesting tour highlights right here.

Pacific Harbour and Beqa Lagoon

Beqa Lagoon is home to the original Fiji Shark Dive and now offers four separate shark dive experiences. The coral fringed lagoon surrounding Beqa Island is home to the official ‘Shark Reef Marine Reserve’, where shark conservation methods are at the very top of the agenda in these parts. Here, you are most likely to see Bula, sorry, Bull Sharks in their natural state, cruising past and taking very little interest in divers! 

Guests on a shark dive tour in Beqa Lagoon often visit ‘The Take Out’ zone. This aptly named area is located about halfway down a steep reef slope at a depth of 16m/55ft. The ‘Take Out’ is essentially the shark feeding zone. Here, scuba divers have the superb opportunity to watch the guides hand feed sharks – which is a slightly mind-altering experience to say the least. Be sure to take an underwater camera with you to capture the moment up close but remember to follow your guides instructions as this is not your everyday dive experience. 

Beqa Lagoon is regularly frequented by about eight different species of sharks including the following;

  • Bull Sharks

  • Lemons Sharks

  • Grey Reefs

  • Blacktip Reefs

  • Tawny Nurses

  • Tiger Sharks

  • Whitetip Reefs

  • Silvertips Sharks

Keep a look out for a prized tooth or explore the shallows and weave amongst the giant clam gardens. 

To learn more, visit Aquatrek, Beqa Adventure Divers or Beqa Lagoon Resort and check out their shark dive packages. All accommodation providers in the area are well-versed with shark diving and with enough notice, can make all your arrangements for you. But be quick, these dives are Fiji’s most popular dives and require advance bookings.

The Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Islands are celebrated for being part of a thriving underwater ecosystem. Barefoot Kuata’s “Awakening Shark Dive” will see you encounter impressive Bull Sharks and the smaller reef sharks that inhabit the area. Small groups of divers are taken to the site which is approximately 22m deep and maintains pleasant diving conditions year-round. 


On the dive, you can expect to see some of the following species:

  • Bull Sharks

  • Tiger Sharks

  • Hammerhead Sharks

  • White Tipped Reef Sharks

  • Black Tipped Reef Sharks

  • Silvertip Sharks


Shak Dive Fact: Shark dive tour guides in Fiji have been personally selected based on their high level of dive expertise and enthusiasm for the surrounding marine life. The guides are familiar with the majority of sharks that frequent these dive sites. 


Overall shark diving offers divers the opportunity to have both an educational and adrenaline-charged experience under the sea. Be sure to speak to one of the shark diving operators to fully understand the risks involved with this unique experience.