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Deep diving: what to expect on Fiji’s shark dives

There are only a handful of places in the world where you can dive with sharks and Beqa Lagoon, just off southern Viti Levu, tops that list

Beqa Lagoon’s popular shark dive attracts several shark species and hundreds of fish to an impressive underwater show. Breathtaking and humbling, it’ll be one of the most memorable dives you do!

Experienced divers come here for the Lagoon’s astonishing biodiversity. There are over 300 fish species and up to 8 types of sharks on these dives, including awe-inspiring bull and tiger sharks.


Three shark dives operate at different sites in the Lagoon and at depths between 18 - 26 metres (59-85ft), you’ll need an Advanced Open Water certificate to join in.


Be sure to speak to one of the shark diving operators to fully understand the risks involved with this unique experience.


Shark Reef Marine Reserve     

As global shark populations drop, the dive operators – at least in the Beqa Lagoon - have become shark protectors.  

Partnering with the Fijian government and local villages they’ve preserved an area called Shark Reef Marine Reserve which in the space of a few years, has transformed the once degraded reef into a fish paradise.

For conservation reasons, the shark dives don’t run every day but there are dozens of other amazing sites to explore on the 144km of reef that surrounds Beqa Lagoon, including a fascinating swim-through at John’s Tunnel and the wreck of Chinese trawler.


Book a room at any of the resorts in Pacific Harbour and offshore Beqa Island and they’ll help set you up with the area’s 3 shark dive operators.

Pacific Harbour

Beqa Adventure Divers  - ‘The Arena’

Aquatrek – ‘The Bistro’

Beqa Island

Beqa Lagoon Resort  – ‘The Cathedral’

Plan and book ahead as these popular dives don’t happen every day.