23/06/2021 TRAVEL ADVISORY: Travel restrictions in place, COVID-19

Positive Vibes with Happy Hour tv

It’s been a challenging year, but through adversity Fiji’s Bula Spirit remains as bright and cheerful as ever!

In Fiji, 'Bula' is more than just a greeting. It's a wish for happiness, good health and the energy of life. And that Spirit is something that every visitor has experienced when exploring the place where happiness finds you.

To continue to share Fiji's Bula Spirit with people around the world during a time when many borders continue to remain closed, Happy Hour TV was created. It's a feel good online TV show that shares positive stories taking place around Fiji's 333 islands and is hosted by Masada and Komal with weather updates provided by Eroni. 

From resorts stepping up to provide essential goods to their local communities to new Fiji made businesses, there are plenty of feel good stories to make people around the world smile in each new episode of Happy Hour TV.

The third episode of Happy Hour TV is bursting with positive feel-good vibes and stories that celebrate Fiji staying connected with people all around the world.



Our First International Visitors Are Back!

Thanks to our Blue Lane Programme, yachties from around the world (nearly 100 have arrived now!) are safely sailing throughout our 333 islands. Masada and Komal sit down to chat to the first international travellers to arrive into Fiji since March - the Cooper Family! Robyn (mum), Brian (dad), Malia and Isla (daughters) sailed from New Zealand to Fiji using the Blue Lanes and tell Masada and Komal all about their incredible adventures they are now having in paradise.


Turtle Island Guests Give Back

We love our guests. but what's more, we love that our guests love us back! Turtle Island Resort in the Yasawa Islands have received thousands of dollars in donations from guests to help support the local communities on the island, may of whom were employees at the resort. The island received a special delivery of essential goods like flour, baking soda, cooking oil and yeast. Masada was there for this special delivery and watched as it was met with a very warm 'Bula' welcome!


Fiji's Diverse Landscapes Showcased on Amazon Prime

Fiji played host to The World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, where 66 teams from around the world competed through our lush jungles, dramatic mountain tops, cascading waterfalls and ferocious ocean. The 10-episode series aired on Amazon Prime and people around the world are being inspired to explore Fiji like they never thought possible before! Masada and Komal join the two Fijian teams who completed the Challenge, during the series premiere at Vuda Marina.


Fiji's Weather Forecast:

Eroni gives us all an update on Fiji's weather forecast, which as usual, is sunny with a 100% chance of happiness. 

To catch up on all of our Happy Hour TV episodes, click here. And join us next time, where more smiles are set to be delivered straight to your screen! 

In the meantime, remember Our Bula Spirit (and our smiles) Awaits You.