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The best family friendly snorkelling hot spots in fiji

It’s no secret that Fiji has some of the finest white sand beaches, sparkling blue seas and the most colourful coral reefs. Nor is it a surprise that snorkelling trips with the family make for a super fun underwater activity. The island archipelago is dotted with fantastic places to snorkel. But, do you know where they are?

Discover our list of Fiji’s most popular family friendly snorkelling spots.


Marine Life on display at Supermarket Reef

Discover and snorkel the incredible Supermarket Reef within the greater Malolo Barrier Reef area. Supermarket Reef is a great name for this epic snorkel site, since it’s effectively a mass gathering of all sea creatures who live below the waves within the Mamanuca Islands. Families can expect to see schools of tropical fish, turtles, amazing coral formations and even a few reef sharks. The Mamanuca Islands are renowned for their wonderful water visibility and are home to many exclusive marine protection zones. 


Beqa Lagoon; for the Cool Marine Creatures and Soft Coral Blooms

Beqa Lagoon is located within Pacific Harbour, the leading adventure destination of Fiji. Families can easily explore a multitude of awesome snorkelling places around Beqa Island, Yanuca Island and many colorful bommies scattered within the marine protected area. Expert snorkel instructors provide curious visitors with a whole host of information regarding the marine life that inhabits the lagoon. So, if your family is keen to see a smorgasbord of sea creatures within an uber close proximity, then Beqa Lagoon is your perfect answer.


The Sandbar Bar, Where Life’s a Beach

Many sandbar snorkel spots are located centrally within the Mamanuca Islands. As the name suggests, the sandbars are idyllic places to snorkel, swim and rest. Tiny tots can easily pop on a snorkel and excitedly watch the tropical fish playing amongst the seagrass. The healthy coral reef system teems with interesting things to see. Most snorkel spots here are fairly shallow, making for an inviting family day out. Two popular sandbars are located near Malolo and Mana Islands. Snorkel tour groups access these pristine, family friendly sites daily, so be sure to book early. Access to the sandbars are via a short boat transfer. Any family friendly resort in the Mamanucas would make a great snorkel holiday base.


Mana Island Magic

A snorkel trip straight off the beach at Mana Island can grant all your snorkelling adventure wishes. The fringing coral reef that surround this laid-back Mamanuca island destination creates an accessible snorkel haven! Literally, put on your flippers, snorkel mask and swim directly offshore to see parrot fish, sea turtles, colourful corals and more. The underwater topography makes for an exhilarating snorkel that will make the whole family say ‘Mana is magic’.


Natadola Beach

The undeniable beauty of Natadola Beach is a truly divine site. But, it’s what’s under the waves that make for a family friendly snorkel delight. Adults and children alike will be thrilled with how simple it is to swim off the beach and witness the magic of this healthy reef. Go anytime you like but it’s much easier to navigate on a mid-high tide. The currents here are very gentle, unless there’s a (rare) big swell pulsing into Natadola Bay. And even then, there’s likely a protected corner in which to snorkel and play.


Rainbow Reef

The water temp and clarity are ideal in the lucid blue waters between Vanua Levu and Taveuni Island. It’s also where you’ll find the internationally famed Rainbow Reef, home of the Great White Wall and the prehistoric coral dive site, Cabbage Patch. There’s a kaleidoscope of colourful sites to view as you glide along the warm ocean currents. If you are lucky enough, you can even spot one of Fiji’s magnificent manta ray passing through the channel. Family snorkel crews are always blown away by the huge variety of marine species that inhabit the incredible Rainbow Reef.


The Yasawa Islands for a Heavenly Snorkel Adventure

The Yasawa Islands will always be on our list of best family friendly snorkel hot spots in Fiji. Visualise a series of picture postcard landscapes that complement the vivid blues of the sea. Add, to that the secluded, happy atmosphere of the islands above and the epic beauty of the coral reef ecosystems below and you have the perfect mix for an exciting family friendly snorkel show. Heavenly is an apt description for both the islands and for how parents will feel knowing their little ones are enjoying a memorable snorkel outing in paradise.

Getting Here:

Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands : South Sea Cruises

Coral Coast, SunCoast, Pacific Harbor : Drive

Other Outer Islands including Savusavu, Taveuni, Kadavu : domestic flight via Fiji Link. 


Hot Tips:

Guided snorkelling is encouraged for better understanding of different corals within view. 

Remember to pack sunscreen and snorkelling gear.