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Snorkel with reef sharks in fiji!

Up the adrenaline and get ready to take the plunge into the sea. Fiji is well known as an astonishing snorkelling zone. We even have dedicated shark snorkelling tours where visitors have the option to snorkel with reef sharks in calm, clear waters.

Before you take part in a reef shark snorkel adventure, a guide will answer any questions you may have about swimming with these beautiful sea creatures. The Yasawa Island group operates professional shark tours, in particular, Barefoot Kuata Resort. After a short scenic boat ride, you will be directed to the best vantage point to see the sharks by your snorkel guide. This is usually a sandy bottomed circular area between several stunning coral reef walls where the water is not very deep. This makes viewing the action below seamless as you gently float above.

As confidence builds around these creatures, many snorkelers end up free diving with up to 20 white or black tipped reef sharks. The adrenalin kicks in quick but is instantly calmed once the mutual respect is experienced by the visitors and the inquisitive residents of the deep blue.

Reef shark species are an interesting bunch and can be quite playful as they go about their days. Their physical characteristics have cleverly evolved to suit their environment. The reef sharks’ movements are similar to that of a sea snake, a lithe frame able to quickly swivel between the coral reefs. Swim closer and you might even make eye contact with a beautiful shark. Snorkelling with them is a visual masterpiece under the sea that must be seen to be believed.

Water clarity is superb in these parts and one can expect visibility of up to 15-25 metres, regardless of the season. Snorkelling with reef sharks is an unreal experience that truly adds the “wow factor” into your underwater adventure. The other marine life here is justifiably incredible. Think brightly coloured soft corals, sea turtles and an abundance of tropical fish to name but a few species found throughout. The water temperature within the region averages a balmy 28 degrees.

Getting Here:

Barefoot Kuata, Yasawa Islands : Awesome Adventures Ferry and Pacific Island Air 


Hot Tips:

Avoid standing on the seafloor. Crunching coral reef or sea grass under your flippers can damage the delicate underwater ecosystem. Find a patch of sand if you need to rest or even take a flotation device with you and activate full Fiji cruise mode. 

Whilst snorkeling with sharks is quite an experience and may not be for everyone, we recommend sticking close to your group and not going out on your own. Also be sure to speak to one of the shark snorkel operators to fully understand the risks involved with this unique experience. 

Sun Protection, rash shirts, light cotton tees, and of course sunscreen is a must.