26/02/2021 TRAVEL ADVISORY: Travel restrictions in place, COVID-19
Cruising and Sailing

Sail fiji's "blue lanes"

To safely reopen our waters to ocean travellers, Fiji has established “Blue Lanes for yachts and pleasure craft wanting to explore our islands.

Under this new initiative, Port Denarau Marina, in western Viti Levu is currently the only port of entry into Fiji. If this pilot project is successful, extending Blue Lanes to other Fijian ports and marinas will be considered.


  • Engage a Fiji Yacht Agent to liaise with the relevant authorities on your behalf. There are two based at Port Denarau:Yacht HelpandYacht Partners.


  • Undertake a RT-PCR test to determine your COVID-19 free status. Lab test results must be shown on a laboratory letterhead. IMPORTANT: The time between your test and departure for Fiji should be less than 72hrs.


  • Submit your completed entry application to your appointed yacht agent along with a) the crew’s negative test results and b) an itinerary for your stay in Fiji. Your agent will liaise with the Fijian government COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce (CRMT) to review and approve.


  • Download and activate the careFiji App to assist Fijian authorities with their contact tracing efforts in-country.


  • Activate your AIS so that the Fijian Navy can confirm uninterrupted sailing and determine the amount of time you need to spend in quarantine when you arrive.



If you travel to Fiji on the Blue Lane, you must quarantine on your yacht for 14 days. The good news is that travel time from your destination is counted in that period provided that you’ve isolated and had uninterrupted travel from your departure port.

Once you arrive in Fiji, anchor in the designated quarantine area and contact the Marina on Channel 14 for further instructions. The Fijian Navy will also make contact with you to determine the length of your quarantine period. Either of the scenarios below will apply:-

1. More than 14 days uninterrupted sea travel. Once you arrive at the quarantine area in Fiji, a mandatory RT-PCR test will be conducted by the Fiji Ministry of Health, cost of test (F$300 per person) to be borne by the vessel. Test results are received within 48hrs.  If negative, you will be allowed to proceed to dock and complete inbound clearance procedures, obtain your cruising permit and coastal clearance and your yacht will be allowed to visit other ports throughout Fiji freely.

2. Less than 14 days uninterrupted sea travel. If your journey at sea took less than 14 days, you will be required to make up the difference in quarantine once you dock in Fiji. So, if you spend eight days alone at sea - you will then be required to pay for six days of quarantine in Fiji, after which you will need to clear a negative COVID-19 test result. The quarantine cost covers naval accommodation, meals, fuel and surveillance costs.

The costs of COVID-19 tests and any isolation or quarantine related costs, including berthing, accommodation, or meals will be borne by the yacht owner.

Cruise ships are still strictly banned from entering Fiji waters.

Please note that information is current for this period and may be subject to change. For detailed information on the Blue Lane Initiative, it’s best to consult with your Yacht Agent.

Port Denarau Marina has also established VIP Blue Lanes for superyachts. For more on this, head to the Port Denarau Marinawebsite.

Travel restrictions to Fiji are in place. Find current information on COVID-19 and Fiji here.