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Volunteer with Think Pacific

Volunteering with Think Pacific provides the perfect opportunity to see Fiji through the eyes of the local people and experience the country’s unique culture, customs, and way of life.


Think Pacific is a social enterprise that has offered award winning volunteering expeditions to the Fiji Islands for over a decade. The programs offered gives you the opportunity and privilege of joining a traditional village, becoming a member of a Fijian family and working as part of a team to contribute towards education, youth, sports development, health, mental health promotion or building programs. Fundamentally designed around collaboration, this approach to volunteering in Fiji creates long-term sustainable outcomes that are aligned with Fiji’s National Development Plan. By partnering with the Fijian Government, volunteers help support programs that achieve tangible objectives and see first-hand the change they are creating.

Programs vary in length (typically 1 or 2 months) running all year round. Each team visits a different village and community – each with their own unique character and charm, but always glowing with that distinctive Fijian spirit.

Think Pacific works across Fiji where support is needed most. On arrival at Nadi airport, volunteers are whisked away to their new Fijian home with the rest of the team. All programs are team-based so you’ll work and live alongside other volunteers creating a supportive and dynamic environment.

Image Source: Think Pacific

Nothing can describe the excitement and privilege of being invited into a traditional Fijian village. Bursting with culture and traditions, these villages provide a glimpse into the history and heritage of Fiji. This is your chance to experience Fiji far from the tourist hotspots and gain a true, unfiltered view of life in the islands. The projects are based in rural areas that very few tourists are ever lucky enough to visit – from the highlands to the outer islands, these communities are what makes Fiji so special. It only takes a few moments for you to be blown away by the generosity and kindness of Fijian hospitality and to feel right at home.

On project you’ll swap your creature comforts for an authentic, subsistent way of life, often with bucket showers and limited electricity. Day-to-day life is jam-packed on project, from assisting on youth initiatives, to building, to sports coaching, there is always plenty going on and things to get stuck into.

By the end of your time volunteering in Fiji, you will have more understanding of the Fijian way of life than a thousand tourists or any guidebook. You will have also contributed to meaningful objectives that you can be extremely proud of. To top it all off, you’ll have learnt a lot about yourself and developed an array of incredibly useful skills to help with personal and career development.

Fiji holds a very special place for all Think Pacific volunteers who have been fortunate enough to visit these beautiful islands in the South Pacific. By the end of the project, it always feels as though you are leaving a second home. This type of volunteering celebrates everything that it means to be Fijian and helps contribute to a healthy, empowered Fiji.