Fiji in the Movies

Fiji has become a Mecca for moviemakers who are constantly seeking locations that have perfect settings, reliable weather patterns, a labour force that is easy to work with and government policies that promote and encourage investment.

For over 70 years Hollywood has featured Fiji prominently in movie settings from blockbuster movies such as Castaway starring Tom Hanks to reality televisions series such as Survivor. And our relationship with Hollywood goes way, way back – further than you think.

Hollywood’s love affair with Fiji started in 1932 when Douglas Fairbanks Snr starred in Mr Robinson Crusoe or Tropical Knight which was shot in Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti followed a few years later by the first filming of Blue Lagoon starring yesteryear’s favourite lady Jean Simmons which was shot on Sawa-i-lau in the Yasawas.

Then in 1953 that icon of the fifties, Burt Lancaster starred in His Majesty O’Keefe with locations on the mainland in Deuba, Pacific Harbour, the Grand Pacific Hotel and Cummings Street, Suva. Still on the mainland in Lami, Suva The Dove was produced by Gregory Peck and starred Joseph Bottoms in 1974.

In 1979 the remake of The Blue Lagoon was filmed on Nanuya Levu, Yasawa starring Brooke Shields and Leo McKern. As in the original the film was all about two young shipwreck survivors marooned on a deserted island who fell in love but had a devastating Romeo and Juliet ending.

That great actor Tommy Lee Jones also made a movie here. In 1983 he starred in the Paramount movie Savage Island with the location again being Pacific Harbour just out of Suva.
And then it’s Return to the Blue Lagoon in 1992 with Milla Jovavich and Brian Krause.

This remake was filmed in the northern region of Fiji, Taveuni known as ‘The Garden Isle of Fiji,’ for its magnificent natural scenery and prolific flora and fauna.

In 1995 - 96 the remake of Swiss Family Robinson as a TV series starring Richard Thomas ("John boy" in the Waltons) was shot on Blue Lagoon’s private island, Nanuya Lai Lai and in 1996 the original movie Contact starring Jodie Foster was also located in the Yasawa island group.

And then in 1998 that famous comic with the rubber face, Jim Carey played the role of a character with an obsession with Fiji in The Truman Show.

The year 2000 saw the filming of the blockbuster Castaway produced by and starring Tom Hanks. The location was Monu-riki-Island in the Mamanucas, a fabulous group of islands in the western region overflowing with resorts and things to do.

And then we come to the scarey one - Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid filmed again in Pacific Harbour on the mainland in 2004 starring Johnny Mesner.

In 2007 the 14th edition of the television series Survivor was filmed at Vunivutu in Vanua Levu, Fiji’s second largest island. Fiji winner Mr Earl Cole promised to promote Fiji overseas stating that Fiji was a beautiful place with a unique culture and very friendly people.

Set for release in 2013 is the Status Quo movie "Bula Quo". Filmed in Tivua Island 'Bula Quo' is the first ever movie project the band will be attempting and it will feature two members of the band, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt who will play themselves in this 90 minute action adventure.

So there you have it. Fiji is tourism but Fiji is also so much more.

Cruise our islands, visit our mainland and check out the fabulous locations of these famous movies. Close your eyes and transport yourself back to the time when Hollywood directors and famous movie stars of yesteryear and today were acting and filming in the very same spot you are standing in right now.

One way or the other we’ll make your dreams come true.