A private tour through Fiji's Fabulous Lau Group on the luxurious 43' Fast Sailing Catamaran LOOPING is an experience of a lifetime! Perfect seclusion, natures raw beauty and gastronmic indulgence will keep you coming back again and again! Check our perfect score on Trip Advisor.
Let us spoil, astound and entertain you! Multiday charters onboard LOOPING are the best way to explore the multitude of islands, atolls and fringing reef structures Fiji's fabulous far north is world famous for! Cruising the Lau group is probably the most pristine, untouched area on the planet. You will see beautiful, unspoiled islands and atolls, swim in clear waters, snorkel the best, most vividly colourful reefs, and have amazing beaches just to yourself! This is a life changing experience like no other! For an adventure of a lifetime, let us share with you the splendour that is Fiji's Lau Group!! Make sure to check out our sample menu on our website for a list of the gourmet delicacies that await you on your own private floating paradise!!

Room types

Looping has 4 queen size staterooms and a private toilet separate from the bathroom shower area. Her state rooms have 2 opening hatches, fan, reading lights and plenty of storage for your gear. We have a seperate luggage storage area, so your stateroom will feel airy and uncluttered.


  • 24 Hour Security
  • Beachfront
  • Ferry Service (Boat)
  • Luggage Storage
  • Wi-fi

Our activities

Sailing through the remotest and most untouched parts of Fiji, exploring deserted beaches, snorkelling pristine reefs, paddling over kalaedoscopic reefs, kiting behind deserted sand keys in clear blue water...the choices are endless! Combine all the possible activities you love with a dining experience like no other and you have the recipe for a vacation of a lifetime!
  • Coconut husking
  • Cultural lessons
  • Guided walks/tours
  • Kava ceremony
  • Musical And Cultural Entertainment
  • Sailing – Hobiecats
  • Snorkelling


Breakfasts on Looping are your personal choice. We offer everything from Espresso and biscuits to French toast or omelettes made to order including island grown fruits of all descriptions. Your pleasure is our only desire. 

We pride ourselves on our Antipasto misto (mixed hor d'oeuvres) and serve many specialties that encourage your appetite before the meal. 

All food likes and allergies are catered for. 

We then sit down to a 3-4 course meal after  our special appetisers for both lunch and dinner featuring Italian and Fijian specialties. From homemade filled pastas to freshly caught sauteed fish. We pride ourselves on serving the best food in Fiji. All of our guests agree and you can check out their comments on Trip Advisor.

Please check our website for a sample menu.



Fiji's most exclusive yacht adventure! Fly directly into the remote Lau group where your fully equiped private yacht awaits. Or avid sailors can accompany us on the upwind slog to Vanua Balavu. We will whisk you off to see sights only a handful of the world have seen! We provide gourmet meals in some of the remotest islands on the globe. You will meet village children who have never met foreigners, stroll isolated sand keys and snorkel reefs used by the Smithsonian Coral Research Institute to study the most diverse unpolluted reef systems on the planet. We will spoil your senses in every way. Your palate will be tantalised, your eyes will be overwhelmed by sights so very few have seen. Your body will relax with the swaying of the palms and the gentle rocking of the seas. Sailing Fiji's Lau Safari's are an experience you will remember for a lifetime!


We use seaplane and helicopter services from Nadi to fly you directly to the yacht where your experience of a lifetime begins. We will customise your itinerary to meet your desires and ensure that you visit the most incredible sights on the planet. From the pink beaches of Wailagilala to the mushroom islands of Vanua Balavu you will be overwhelmed by Lau's pristine natural beauty!
P.O. Box 47 Taveuni, Fiji Cakadrove
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