Multi-Day Cruise in the Mamanucas

A Multi-Day Cruise in the Mamanuca Islands
A Multi-Day Cruise in the Mamanuca Islands

Why Should You Do a Multi-Day Cruise in the Mamanuca Islands

If you’ve come to Fiji for its famed beaches and sparkling blue ocean, then a multi-day cruise through some of our most stunning island regions might be right for you!

Stunning new vistas daily

True relaxation is a multi-day cruise through the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands - a cluster of stunning islands to Fiji’s far west.  On a multi-day cruise with Blue Lagoon Cruises or Captain Cook Cruises, the views change daily.

So you’ve got new peaks to hike, white sand beaches to explore and jewel coloured reefs to snorkel everyday. Resorts are scattered throughout these islands but only a cruise can combine the luxury and adventure of seeing it all.

The all-inclusive cruise life

You’ll stress less when you indulge in an all-inclusive holiday on the ocean.  Most cruises include cabin accommodation, meals and multiple non-motorised activities in their itineraries.

There are also add ons like diving and spa treatments that will cost a little extra.  So that leaves you to sit back and worry about the big decisions – like when you’d to fit in some serious snorkel time.

Secluded beaches and pristine coral reefs

These heavenly islands are known for their long white-sand beaches, secluded inlets and shimmering blue lagoons.

Despite their popularity, it’s still easy to feel like you’ve got paradise all to yourself. Your cruise itinerary could see you dropping anchor for a sandbar picnic lunch, snorkelling within a marine sanctuary or sunbathing on the deck with a good book.

Inclusive activities

With only 4 hours of cruise time a day, there’s lots of activities to fill up the hours. Along with the trips to iconic regional sites like Monuriki or Sawa-i-Lau, most cruises include the use of non-motorised water equipment like glass bottom boats or snorkel gear, village visits and beach picnics.

Tick off the regional highlights

With the islands strung out across the ocean, it can be hard to fit in ALL of the Mamanuca and Yasawa.  Luckily most highlights are part of the itinerary on these multi-day voyages.

On a 7-day cruise you can play ‘Cast Away’ on Monuriki’s famous beach, swim with majestic manta rays during the season (May – October) or take a breath-taking dip in Sawa-i-Lau’s luminous saltwater pool.

Shorter itineraries will include fewer highlights.  Check your cruise itinerary to see what’s in store for you.

Learn to Dive

With all that stunning reef at your doorstep, you might be tempted to dive a little deeper than a surface snorkel. Diving is available but at an extra cost.

You’ll also need to give the cruise a little notice before you board so that they can plan ahead. While some companies work with an onboard dive company, others will need to arrange your dive with a resort along their route.

Itinerary options

If you’re worried that a cruise is just a tad too long, simply choose a shorter itinerary.  Both cruise companies offer 3, 4- and 7-day itineraries, so you can always opt for a shorter cruise to satisfy your tropical island cravings.

That leaves more time for a bit of river rafting, ziplining or souvenir shopping on the mainland.

If you’re after the full island experience, well then, it’s no contest; the 7-day itineraries are the way to go!

Family cruise packages

Cruises aren’t only just for couples anymore and families with kids that are 5years and above can join in.  Captain Cook Cruises welcome families year-round and even run a kids club for 5 – 9 year olds. Usually adults-only, Blue Lagoon Cruises offer their selected ‘Family Cruises’ during the Australian and New Zealand school holidays.

Check out their websites for all the nitty gritty details about the seasonal cruises, kid age limits, family discounts, and kid-friendly activities.

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