Spartan - Conquer Paradise

Spartan - Conquer Paradise
Spartan - Conquer Paradise

Unleash Your Inner Warrior At Spartan Fiji

Introduce Spartan & why you should make it your goal to compete in Fiji this year (Heading to Fiji this November? Add this to your itinerary

So, What is Spartan – Is It a Race?

Spartan isn’t your average run. Inspired by the ancient Spartan warriors, this incredible event dares you to conquer obstacles that test your determination over different distances ranging from 5-50kms (you get to choose your distance). The races go beyond running, to combine climbing, crawling, carrying and conquering obstacles for a fun and unforgettable challenge.

What began as a single race in 2007 has evolved into a global phenomenon with events spanning continents, attracting participants from all walks of life and uniting a diverse 10million-plus community of fitness fanatics and thrill-seekers. And now, it’s Fiji’s turn to join the ranks of Spartan hosts.


Why Should I do a Spartan Trifecta Race in Fiji?

Race-cation of course! Fiji is where this incredible race meets tropical paradise and the perfect excuse for a vacation. With warm weather, lush landscapes and crystal-clear waters, Fiji is the ideal backdrop for an epic Spartan Race. But as a bucket list tropical destination, it’s an even better place to wind-down and relax after a few heart-pumping days of adventure racing.


Can Anyone Be a Spartan?

From elite athletes to weekend warriors to people just starting out on their fitness journey, Spartan is for everyone. More than just about finishing first, the Spartan spirit encourages participants to push their limits, overcome challenges, and embrace the thrill of the journey. From Sprint to Ultra, there’s a race to suit every age and fitness level. You can even tackle the course with friends, family or join forces with strangers to conquer obstacles together. If you get stuck at an obstacle, there are always alternative options (burpees anyone?). And kids can join in on the fun with a course of their own. If you’re up for a challenge, you’ll find your crew in the tight-knit Spartan community.


What’s the Obstacle Course Like?

Scenic Sabeto in Nadi is the home of Spartan Fiji. Located at the foot of the Sleeping Giant mountains, (just a 15min drive from the Nadi International Airport), the area is a cross-section of farmland, meandering creeks, forested slopes and grassy mountaintops. Obstacles are strewn across this landscape and become more difficult the longer you race. You can expect to wade through mud-pools, swing from monkey bars and carry heavy objects around as well as a few new obstacles thrown in to make things interesting. Which Spartan Race should I do? Races vary by distance; number of obstacles and elevation so choose the one that’s best for you or your team.

  •   Sprint 5km - 20 obstacles
  •   Super 10 km - 25 obstacles
  •   Beast. 21km - 30 obstacles
  •   Ultra 50km - 60 obstacles Kids 1.3km - Varies (8-15 obstacles)

If you’ve still got energy to burn, test your endurance further with the ultimate pass, 10km night run or 4hr Hurricane Heat.


What Do I Win if I Compete in Spartan Fiji?

Finishers earn a medal wedge that represents their determination and resilience. Most elite racers will try to finish 3 races (from Sprint, Super and Beast or Ultra) to win the coveted Trifecta medal. But Spartan is more than just medals – it’s about setting goals, pushing past discomfort, conquering self-doubt, boosting your confidence and above all having heaps of fun in the true spirit of Fiji. Are you up for the challenge?


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