Sustainable Surf Resorts in Fiji

Sustainable Surf Resorts in Fiji
Sustainable Surf Resorts in Fiji

Making Waves for a Better Future: Sustainable Surf Resorts in Fiji

With some of the best surfing in the world on legendary reef breaks like the iconic Cloudbreak, it’s important to keep our oceans healthy. Here’s how some of Fiji’s top surf resorts and surf operators are embracing sustainability – including STOKE certification – the world’s first sustainability certification built specifically for surf operators.

Sustainable Surf Resorts


Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort


Nestled in coastal forest along Viti Levu’s Coral Coast, Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort was the world’s first surf resort to earn a STOKE certification. There’s six bures beside the beach connected by a walkway built above the forest. You can surf some of Fiji’s best waves with a short boat ride, including famous break, Frigates. The resort collects all rainwater to be self-sufficient, separates all waste into compost, recyclables and waste and smashes all non-returnable bottles to use in concrete mix. All waste-water is treated to be used as natural fertiliser for the gardens and produce comes from its organic gardens. Forget about plastic, you won’t find any here.

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Tavarua Island Resort


This tiny heart-shaped island in the Mamanuca Islands certainly lives up to its slogan – ‘tiny island, big heart’. The island is one of the world’s most iconic surf resorts, temporary home to 12-time world champion, Kelly Slater and on the doorstep of Fiji’s best waves, like Restaurants, Wilkes and Cloudbreak. 
In addition to their state of the art solid waste and water treatment, rain catchment, solar energy initiatives, Tavarua Island Resort are keen conservationists. In partnership wth the Minstry of Fishries, they’ve created a Giant Clam hatchery, rearing over 500 endangered juvenile clams. The clams have tripled in size and could help repopulate the entire west side of Fiji. They’ve also created Hawksbill turtle rehabilitation ponds, use only reef-friendly sunscreen, erected reef moorings and are working with the Government to establish a Marine Protection Area around Tavarua. Tiny island, big heart indeed!

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Namotu Island

Preserving Paradise

This tiny island in the Mamanuca islands is surrounded by a big, blue playground that they are working hard to protect. Namotu were recently benchmarked by STOKE for some of the great work they are doing with their innovative bio-cycle waste water management system and plastic reduction on the island. Their beach is a regular turle nesting ground, so they make sure that they log and rope off the nests so that they aren’t disturbed. Like their neighbour Tavarua Island Resort, they are also rearing giant clams to be released in the marine park around their island when mature and all fish sustainably to supply their restaurant.
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Fiji Surf Co

Ocean Guardians

You don’t have to be a surf resort to make a difference in the world of surfing. Fiji Surf Co – a locally owned surf charter company out of Nadi - has been leading the charge for decades.

In addition to championing the creation of the Fiji Surf Act to open up Fiji’s waves to everyone, they also organize regular community beach cleanups and native tree planting. Plus, they’ve recently developed the world’s first charcoal sunscreen (mixed with beeswax) that’s completely reef friendly.

Their efforts don’t stop there. Fiji Surf Co are also replanting sections of Fiji’s reefs with hardy, heat-resistant coral which you can also join. And they’ve also been champions for mooring buoys at popular surf breaks like Cloudbreak to help protect the reef from damage by boat anchors. It goes to show that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to protecting the ocean.

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