6 Ways to Travel Sustainably in Fiji

7 Ways to Travel Sustainable in Fiji
7 Ways to Travel Sustainable in Fiji

Responsible Travel in Fiji: How You Can Make a Difference

Blessed with incredible coral reefs, islands and friendly people, Fiji is a bucket list tropical paradise for many. But like destinations everywhere, climate change, pollution and mass tourism threaten their health. Resorts and tourism operators are doing their part to build a sustainable industry, and we'd love it if you could join us!

Even small, mindful choices can have a positive impact on a small island nation like Fiji. Here are a few simple ways you can travel responsibly in Fiji.

Reduce and Reuse 

Sustainable Fiji

An easy sustainable travel hack is to pack reusable essentials for your trip. Plastic disposal can be difficult on tiny tropical islands so by saying no to single-use plastic straws, bottles and bags, you’ll save plastics from the local landfills. If you’ve forgotten to bring your own, grab some eco-friendly bamboo cutlery and metal straws or a cute, printed tote bag from Rise Beyond the Reef.  

Volunteer in Fijian Communities 

Volunteer in Fiji

If you’re someone who loves to immerse yourself in a new place and culture, volunteering is a good way to do it. It’s the perfect excuse to stay longer in a place, create bonds with a local community and work on impactful conservation, education and community projects. There’ll also be heaps of downtime to explore the islands, go on adventures and top up your tan. Win-win all round right? Find out more about volunteering in Fiji here. 

Buy Local

Fiji Buy Local

Get your gifts and souvenirs sorted with Fiji’s fantastic range of local products. In addition to being unique, buying Fijian-made products supports local livelihoods. From delicious chocolates and intricate local handicraft to natural skincare lotions and chic resort-style fashion, there are heaps of great options to take home with you. Check out the monthly crafters markets in Suva and Nadi, visit The Projects Collective and Rise Beyond the Reef's Shed Shop or pick up a Fiji-made gift from large retail stores like Jacks Handicraft, Tappoos or Prouds.

Embrace and Respect Fijian Culture 

Fijian Culture

Culture is important to every Fijian and to be a responsible traveller, we recommend that you do your homework before you begin your adventure. 

We love visitors, but if you go into a Fijian village or settlement, please ensure you respect village protocol by  removing your hat or cap in the village, dressing modestly with covered shoulders and a sulu (sarong) to cover your legs and ensuring you have a gift (sevusevu), usually kava, to present to the chief of the village. 
These small observevances  can carry you through most islands here in Fiji but once you have the blessings of the village chief, you can freely explore the island. 

Support your Resort’s Eco-Initiatives 

Sustainable Resorts Fiji

Like you, several resorts in Fiji are passionate about their impact and have set up initiatives that benefit the environment or local community. Simple actions like reusing your towels, switching off the lights or air conditioner when you head out and planting a mangrove seedling are just a few ways you can help. Ask your resort about their eco-initiatives the next time you check-in and get in on the action! 

Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Reef-Safe Sunscreen

If you’ve done your research, you know that it is possible to be both reef-safe and skin-safe. The best reef-safe sunscreens contain non-chemical UVA and UVB filters like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Pack a reef-safe sunscreen before your trip to Fiji or look for Dilo Up - an all natural, handmade skincare range that uses non nano zinc, is biodegradeable, reef-safe, non-toxic, and water resistant. 

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Happiness doesn't end
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