Fiji Wedding Regulations

Fiji Wedding Regulations
Fiji Wedding Regulations

Everything You’ll Need for Your Fiji Wedding

There’s a reason so many newly-weds and about-to-be-weds flock to Fiji to celebrate their love. With glistening white beaches, lush rainforests and countless hideaway spots, Fiji is one of the most romantic places on earth. If you need help with planning, many resorts offer great wedding planning services and packages to take the pressure off and that would also include your honeymoon.

From Tropical Chapels to Beachside Bliss

As a popular wedding destination, Fiji has an abundance of spectacular venues. If you’re wanting a traditional ceremony, resorts on tropical islands offer gorgeous wedding chapels overlooking exotic gardens. Fiji is also famous for its beachside ceremonies, providing the ultimate backdrop of white sand, blue ocean and stunning green islands. If you’ve got a lot of people attending, getting married on the main island, Viti Levu, is a great option. But for something more intimate, there are countless alternatives on one of Fiji’s many beautiful islands. Fiji’s magnificent, thick rainforests provide another perfect wedding spot, offering a background of waterfalls and green foliage amongst the sound of singing tropical birds. Or for something completely different, have your wedding on board a luxury yacht or cruise. The options are endless.

Fiji Wedding

Fiji has a number of professional wedding coordinators who can customise your ceremony to your needs. If you do decide to get married here, you can have peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of by specialist wedding coordinators. From photography, flowers and food to honeymoon destinations, you can have everything organised for you.


But, first let’s take a look at Fiji’s wedding regulations. To legally marry in Fiji, you need to:

  • Be single, widowed or divorced.
  • Not be related (bloodline relationship).
  • Be 18years of age or over.
  • Any witnesses must be 18years of age or over.
  • Both spouses must be physically present to obtain their special license. 

Required documentation
  • Certified copy of birth certificates.
  • Passports with valid legal status.
  • If applicable, divorce certificate.
  • If previous spouse is deceased, a death certificate.
  • A Certificate of Single Status or certificate of no legal impediment must be provided if:
    • Marriage between non-residents marrying in Fiji.
    • Marriage between non-resident marrying a Fiji citizen.
    • Marriage by former citizens of Fiji with two years & above residency abroad.
  • Two witnesses and their photo identification.
  • Name of marriage officer/denomination or religion.
  • Marriage applications from Japan must produce the koseki shouhon to certify their personal details.
  • If documents are in other languages, certified translated copies in English language must be provided. 

Application for a Marriage Licence

By law anyone intending to be married in Fiji must obtain a marriage licence beforehand. Hence, it is recommended for couples to arrive a few days prior to your nuptial exchange in order to process your marriage licence application. 

An appointment can be scheduled at the nearest marriage registry or district office during a normal work week that is 8am – 4pm from Mondays to Fridays. These offices would normally be in the main town areas for the various locations. 

Note: Special arrangements may be available to suit your travel schedule too.  

Many of our leading resorts and their dedicated in-house wedding coordinators can assist with all your wedding queries guests that select ‘wedding package’ holidays from our trusted resort operators often find that an all-inclusive option is the premier choice.

Remember that no matter what kind of ceremony you seek, from an intimate gathering to a massive love celebration, Fiji is always a perfect tropical island destination for a splendidly elegant wedding occasion to celebrate the happiest day of your life.

Hot Tip:

  • Engage wedding coordinators at the resorts to assist with all your planning to offer peace of mind for you as they will manage every detail to ensure that your big day is memorable and hassle free. 
  • Weddings in Fiji are legally binding and recognised worldwide. 


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