Fijis Birdwatching Hotspots

Fijis Birdwatching Hotspots
Fijis Birdwatching Hotspots

Exploring Fiji's Avian Wonders

Birdwatching can be both a relaxing and an exhilarating experience. The South Pacific archipelago is home to an abundance of avian wildlife. In fact, many species of birds are endemic to Fiji – meaning you won’t see our feathered friends anywhere else on earth.

Fiji’s marvellous birds include hawks, herons, parrots, doves, finches and the ultra-rare peregrine falcon - the world’s fastest animal! Discover which of our islands you’re most likely to find a plethora of birdlife flying high.

Birdlife of Taveuni island

Given that Taveuni is appropriately known as Fiji’s ‘Garden Isle’, it comes as no surprise that there are heaps of birdlife flying free in the wild. There’s even a dedicated bird sanctuary on the Island comprising of 98 hectares of pristine rainforest habitat.

Taveuni’s unique biodiversity features dense bushlands, freshwater streams, healthy seas and elevated wetlands which effectively make the region a hot spot for bird watching. 

Tavenui Bird Species to look out for include:

  • Orange Doves
  • Silktails
  • Red Shining Parrots
  • Crowned Flycatchers
  • Turtle Doves
  • Parrot Finches
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Savusavu’s birdwatching delights

Visitors with a keen interest in Fiji’s various bird species are encouraged to participate in a birdwatching tour in Savusavu, Fiji’s Hidden Paradise. It’s an excellent opportunity to see a myriad of tropical birds in their natural habitat while enjoying a guided educational tour of the area. Different birdwatching excursions set out to precise locations where a wide range of bird species (endemic and common) are frequently found. Keep an eye out for the following feathered friends:

  • Black-faced Shrikebill
  • Barking Pigeon
  • Golden Whistler
  • Orange Dove 
  • Fiji Bush Woodswallow
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Meet the tropical birdlife of Kadavu

Kadavu’s remote location and unspoiled natural environment makes for a prime birdwatching destination. There are four special birds completely endemic to this beautiful island and these include the Kadavu Shining (Musk) Parrots, Kadavu Honeyeaters, Kadavu Fantail and Whistling Doves. 

Kadavu is an international birdwatching hot spot particularly because it boasts a huge range of sea and shoreline birdlife. It’s easy to find a stunning (and secluded) space near a beach tideline to admire the regal beauty of our salty feathered friends.

Interesting land orientated bird species to look for in Kadavu include but are not limited to:
  • Barn Owls
  • Fiji Goshawk
  • Polynesian Trillers
  • Blue Crested Broadbill
  • Fan-tailed Cuckoo
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