Transiting Fiji

Transit Services and Facilities in Fiji

Nadi Airport offers a convenient transit lounge for travellers crisscrossing the South Pacific Ocean. If your layover exceeds ten (10) hours, you'll need to go through Immigration and Customs to enter Fiji. However, for transit times less than ten hours, you can stay within the comfort of the Nadi Airport Transit Lounge.

Inside the lounge, you'll find world-renowned Duty-Free shopping outlets selling international brands.
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Can I Transit Through Fiji?

Yes - you're welcome to transit through Fiji but you must have the following documentation:
  • a valid outward ticket within 72hrs of arrival,
  • meet the entry requirements (including testing) of your final destination.

You can stay within the airport for up to 10 hours to connect to another flight or check into a hotel if you stay overnight.

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