Volunteering in Fiji

Community Development Projects in Rural Fiji

Bursting with rich culture, idyllic landscapes, friendly faces, and meaningful projects, nothing beats volunteering in Fiji!
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Volunteering is a fantastic way to see the country through the eyes of the local people, whilst making a difference at the same time.

Enjoy the Fijian way of life and immerse yourself into an exciting challenge in the South Pacific.

From marine conservation to building projects, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities to get involved in.

There are programs to suit all kinds of interests and passions, so you can spend your time in Fiji doing something that truly resonates with you.

Volunteering is suited to those looking to make a positive impact whilst visiting Fiji.

By collaborating with other volunteers and the locals themselves, volunteering in Fiji can be deeply rewarding and create lifelong memories and friendships for everyone involved.

Beyond the lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and stunning coral reefs, volunteers can actively assist programs, which ensure Fiji’s pristine natural environment, vibrant towns and cities and traditional island communities are maintained, protected and able to flourish for future generations.  

Volunteer programs will vary in length, location, and approach, depending on the volunteer organization. From an afternoon volunteering on a beach clean-up, to a fully immersive 2-month expedition to the outer islands, volunteering can take many shapes and forms.

For accommodation requirements, there will be affordable options depending on the program.

There are many volunteer programs to choose from but those with a sustainable, ethical, and responsible approach, will likely be the most rewarding.  

Volunteering in Fiji is about working with the local communities to help maintain a healthy, happy Fiji.

Volunteering in Fiji

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