Your transport made easy.
Tacirua's Buses a Public Transport Bus Service - are an easy way to see all of the Suva's Princess Road attractions, villages, lush rainforest and walking trails on your way to and from Nausori Town. Bus services to and from Suva City run between 5AM and 7:30PM, Monday to Saturday.

Suva - Nausori via Princess Road 

Stage Carriage - One max fare: $1.90c
First Bus Departs Suva 6:55AM and thereafter
every 15 minutes until last bus at 7:20PM
First Bus Departs Nausori Station at 5:50AM and thereafter
every 15minutes until last bus at 7:30PM
This bus crosses:
  • Tamavua (70 cents)
  • Tacirua (70 cents)
  • Colo - i - suva ($1.15)
  • Sawani Village ($1.60)
  • beyond the temple at Sawani to Nausori ($1.90)

Suva - Nausori - Suva via Princess Road Express Service 

This means that the bus will not go to Sawani Village

Flat $2.00 fare

First Bus departs Suva Bus Station near the Flea Market at 6:25AM and thereafter every 10minutes until the last bus at 7:30PM

First Bus departs Nausori Bus Station at 6:15AM and thereafter every 10minutes until the last bus at 7:00PM.

Buses servicing Naitasiri & Namosi 

For visits:

Max Fare - $2.40
First bus departs Waibau at 6.30am
Second at 8.45am
Last Bus 3.00pm

First Bus departs Suva at 1.45pm
Second at 4.45pm
Last Bus at 5.40pm

Max Fare - $5.00
Bus departs Lomaivuna at 5.00am
then returns back from Suva to Lomaivuna at 5.30pm

Max Fare - $5.00
Bus departs Vunidawa at 4.35am
then returns back from Suva to Vunidawa at 5.30pm

Max Fare - $6.45
Bus departs Nakorosule at 6.30am
then returns back from Suva to Nakorosule at 1.00pm
This bus does go to Vunidawa as well

Max Fare $10.85
First Bus departs Naqelewai at 5.00am second at 2.00pm
First Bus departs Suva at 9.00am and second at 1.30pm
These buses to go to Vunidawa

Max Fare - $6.45
Bus Departs Namosi at 5.30am
then depars Suva to Namosi at 5.30pm

Max Fare - $8.65
Bus Departs Naraiyawa at 5.30am
then departs Suva to Nariayawa at 5.30pm


G P O Box 869 Suva, Fiji Islands.
  • Suva