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But if you prefer to leave the planning and coordination to someone else so that you can just sit back and enjoy the view, there are many great tour operators who offer fantastic sightseeing trips for the chance to see a wide range of what Fiji has to offer in one go. Alternatively, trips can be tailor-made if you’d prefer something a little more personal. Organised tours will often include trips that may otherwise be tricky to coordinate such as remote villages and unique outer islands. You’ll find a wide range of tours to suit your taste and budget; from eco to adventure, sightseeing to historical, cultural to culinary and everything in between. Where in Fiji will you explore?

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Exploring the islands of Fiji is relatively easy with a great range of guided tours and transport options available to help you get around.


With so much to discover, Fiji is the perfect destination for backpackers of all ages.

Fiji is renowned as a paradise with friendly welcoming people. All this and much more makes Fiji the ultimate fantasy and challenge for backpackers, budget and free-spirited independent travelers.
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