Sunburn & Heatstroke​​

It gets hot outdoors even on an overcast day. If you’re headed out, grab a hat and some water to help you stay cool and hydrated.
Everyone loves a golden holiday glow, but severe sunburn or heatstroke can ruin your fun.  Protect yourself by applying sunscreen often.  Even better if you can opt for ones that don’t contain reef-harming chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate. 

Cuts, Stings & Bites

Fiji doesn’t have any venomous land animals, but the humid tropical weather can cause cuts and bites to become infected.  Always keep wounds clean, treated and covered.
Coral reefs have lots of jagged edges and tiny animals that can sting or bite so it's helpful to know which marine animals to avoid. If you get a sting or coral cut while swimming, clean it with iodine and apply an antiseptic cream regularly.
Carry a small medical kit with essentials. Most major towns have pharmacies (chemists) but your options dwindle on islands and in remote areas.  Don't forget to pack prescription medications - it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

For any emergency or enquiry, you have about health, it’s best to consult the hotel or resort you are staying at first. They’d have the best local knowledge and advice for the region you are staying in.  In lieu of that, the number for major hospitals or clinics are listed below.

Nadi Hospital
670 1128

Zens Medical Centre (Nadi)
670 3533

Zens Medical Centre (Denarau)
776 2200 

Helipro Emergency Medical Services
770 7770

Lautoka Hospital
666 0399 

Zens Medical Centre (Lautoka)
776 4000

Sigatoka Hospital (Emergency)
650 0455

Colonial War Memorial Hospital
331 3444 

Oceania Hospitals Ltd
330 3404 

Nasese Private Hospital
331 9233 

Pacific Specialist Healthcare
331 0022

Vanua Levu
Savusavu Hospital
885 0044 

Labasa Hospital
881 1444


Do I need travel insurance in Fiji?
Travel insurance isn’t mandatory but it is highly recommended for the protection it offers against unexpected circumstances and for extra peace of mind during your vacation.

Do I need health insurance to travel to in Fiji?
Health insurance isn’t required for travel to Fiji, but is always wise to have if you have a health condition or have a medical emergency while on vacation.

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Want help to plan your perfect holiday?

Contact one of our specialist agents.
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