Fulfilling Experiences Abroad

Fulfilling Experiences Abroad
Fulfilling Experiences Abroad

Travel, work, explore. how volunteering in Fiji can work for you...

Volunteering is an excellent way to experience the real Fiji whilst contributing your skills to the local community.

Backpackers and global travellers enrol in volunteer programs as a way to share their knowledge in exchange for accommodation and meals. Many local schools, construction projects and environmental conservation groups will happily host you for a selected timeframe. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Voluntourism in Fiji is a rewarding and altruistic opportunity.

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Here's a brief overview of the most popular voluntourism projects across Fiji.

Education services

Volunteer teachers are usually placed in remote kindergarten and primary schools, teaching English, coaching sports or assisting children with special needs. 

Volunteers are usually able to choose where they’ll be placed and will have lots of opportunities to explore their surroundings outside working hours. For example, if you’re located at a school near Pacific Harbour, you can spend your weekends snorkelling or diving off Beqa Island, hiking to secluded waterfalls or simply relaxing in a hammock in your slice of Fijian paradise.


Depending on your medical experience, there are many volunteer positions in Fiji for those interested in hands-on work. You’ll work alongside medical and healthcare professionals on a variety of different tasks at medical organizations or charities. There are opportunities to shadow doctors and nurses, assisting with screening programs, raising local awareness, delivering safety and first aid training, or providing care at elderly homes. No matter you decide to do with your time in Fiji, it’ll definitely be an enriching life experience.

Environmental conservation

Marine conservation projects are huge in Fiji and there are a lot of places you can volunteer. Besides getting you off the usual tourist trail, you’ll learn to dive or log valuable hours underwater all while exploring Fiji’s gorgeous reefs daily. It’s an ideal way to follow your passion, help the environment and help local communities who depend on thriving fisheries.

If you’re an experienced diver, one project that might interest you is the Fiji Shark Conservation Project.  It’s a role that involves tagging of baby sharks, marine species identification, data collection, entry and analysis, critical habitat mapping, local ecological knowledge surveys and mangrove reforestation work.

Various marine conservation projects and/initiatives are always operating throughout Fiji. Get excited for a fulfilling environmental adventure that benefits the planet, the people and ultimately yourself. 


A typical day volunteering could see you assisting in building school classrooms, installing water tanks at isolated island villages, and general building repairs. There’s a sense of achievement and instant gratification for all involved. The benefits of your work are immediately felt, bringing fresh water to a community in need. Vinaka Fiji offers a great program where you can get involved and assist with creating sustainable communities. 

Accomodation options

It all depends on where your voluntourism project is located. Home stays are a lovely and warm way to really connect with the Fijian people, their exotic lands and participate in day to day cultural activities. Plus, you get the benefit of enjoying delicious home cooked meals! The bonus is you become part of an extended Fijian family. 

Shared accommodation options are also on offer for larger scale volunteer projects. Maybe you’re in a remote beachside bure collecting scientific data to help protect the sharks. Or, perhaps you’re in a neat dorm space with other teachers and tutors sharing stories of their clever and happy students. 

Combining a backpacking adventure in Fiji with a Voluntourism experience is a terrific way to meet likeminded people on your global discovery journey. Apply for a volunteer tourism project that aligns with your love of island life. It’s a terrific way to really get involved in day to day village life too. Plus, you’ll have plenty of personal time for surfing, hiking, market shopping and epic Fijian dive excursions too. 

Getting here

  • See Vinaka Fiji and Awesome Adventure

Hot tips

  • Pack light, the weather is tropical and remember a pair of good walking shoes is a must. 
  • Ensure that your passport is valid for more than six months to allow for seamless process if you wish to extend your stay. 
  • Be prepared to learn a few Fijian words at the same time. 

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